The History of Computer Viruses

Computer viruses have a much longer history that most people would imagine. They predate the modern internet although the first viruses were purely technical excises in computer programing. It is not until the advent of large scale internet use that malicious computer viruses started to appear.

The basic theory that underpins most types of PC virus was outlined in John von Nuemans scienfic paper published back in 1966. The work titled “The Theory of Self-Reproducing Automata”. Known as the last of great mathematicians von Nueman had also worked on the US nuclear program and instrumental in developing game theory.

This theory was not used until 1971 when the first ever virus was released across the ARPANET network. The virus called Creeper spread across the network and infected DEC PDP-10 computers. When a computer was infected it displayed a message reading “Im the creeper catch me if you can.” The program was an experiment and the Reaper virus was released to clean up and remove the Creeper.

The first anonymous virus was the Wabbit released in 1974 a self-replicating program that lead to a computer crash. This was followed by ANIMAL in 1975. This virus was attached to a program called PERVADE and it reproduced itself in the background and spread across computers as the program was shared. Although ANIMAL was a non-malicious virus it exploited holes in the OS of the computer and left the name of the Animal selected by PERVADE in all the directories and files that the user had access too.

The Elk Cloner written by 15 year school student Rich Skrenta exploited issue with the Apple II boot system. The virus is widely viewed as the first large scale computer virus in the wild. In the wild referrers the fact that it was not contained with one lab or network.

The virus spread via the boot disk of the computer and every after every 50 infections of the boot disk it displayed a message in the form of a short poem. Skrenta who went onto a successful career in computer programming described Elk Cloner as dumb practical joke.

After the Elk Cloner infected Apple machine virus that infected IBM computers followed. The ARF-ARF virus arrived in 1983 and the Trojan horse wiped out the computers directory by offering to sort it into alphabetical order. Although the Pakistani Flu virus appeared in 1986 it was the following year that saw a rapid increase in the number of computer infections.

In 1987 the Vienna, Lehigh, Jerusalem, SCA and Christmas Tree Exec viruses all first appeared and attacked different aspects of computer operating systems. Other virus occurred in different locations around the globe. These included the Stoned virus in New Zealand, Ping Pong in Italy and the Cascade virus in the IBM offices in Belgium. This explosion in computer attacks resulted in IBM developing its own anti-virus software for the public. Before 1987 IBMs anti-virus software had been for internal use only.

These early computer infections were only the start of the problems created by PC virus. The rate and seriousness of the infections after the end of the 1980s has resulted in the creation of the computer security industry.

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A Brief History Lesson About The Computer And How It Has Evolved Through Time

A computer is an electronic machine that has the capability to accept input, store, recall and process information to give an output in a readable format. But in earlier times, a computer meant people performing mechanical computations under the supervision of a mathematician.

In order to understand the future, we have to look at the history. The history of computer systems can be traced back in Babylonia where the abacus was born about 200 centuries ago. The abacus is a wooden frame holding two parallel rods wherein the beads are strung. It was used like a calculating tool by the ancient society. During the year 1642, Blaise Pascal built the first digital computer. He created his calculator to aid his father who was a tax collector at the time. Numbers were entered using dials and it was able to provide an answer as accurately as when calculated by using mathematics. Today, the basic theory of Pascals computer is still getting used in various applications such as odometers and water gauges.

In 1822, an English mathematician going by the name of Charles Babbage was able to develope the very first programmable computer. He had a theory that arithmetic tables could be computed and programmed mechanically. He built a computing machine and called it the difference engine. Babbages difference engines were among the first in its category of mechanical computers. Although his machine was unwieldy, its construction was analogous to a modern computer. It could follow instructions; there was a separate data and program storage, and also it had a detached input and output unit. However, Babbages machine was not really finished because of economic problems as well as a few other issues. You can find a recently constructed version of the difference engine in the Science Museum in London.

The evolution of punched cards provided an important leap towards computing automation. In 1890, Herman Hollerith and James Powers used these cards with computers. They had made improvements on devices that could interpret the data contained in the cards with little intervention from humans. Because of this, work efficiency increased and reading mistakes were greatly reduced. Additionally, these punched cards could be utilized like a storage memory of nearly infinite range.

World War II created a requirement for greater computer power which was to be utilised in military applications. John Eckert and his colleagues in Pennsylvania built a high capacity electronic computer to serve this purpose. This computer was called the Electrical Numerical Integrator and Calculator or ENIAC. It had been an all-purpose computer but of nonflexible construction.

It goes without saying, Alan Turing, Gordon Welchman, Max Newman and Tommy Flowers were key individuals in the development of the computer at Bletchley Park. Colossus was created for code breaking but greatly progressed the advancement of the modern PC as we know it in the present day.

Computer designs from the 50s were mostly valve-driven (vacuum tube). They were much better in performance than their earlier predecessors but they were bulky and expensive to produce. Transistor-driven computers were developed in the 60s which effectively replaced the valve-driven computers. These transistorized computers were faster, smaller in size and more importantly, less expensive.

In the 1970s, the integrated circuit became popular and was widely used as the primary electronic component for computers. It paved the way for mass production of computers, thus making them affordable not only for companies but for personal individuals as well. This led to the birth of personal computers. Since then computer technology has developed exponentially to the point where now we have powerful computers in the palm of our hands. The smart phone, of course! But they still break down, and when that happens we call on an expert IT support service. They might not be able to mend Colossus though…

Today, Computers Are Essential In Almost Everything We Do. We Use Them For Work, For Entertainment,

Today, computers are essential in almost everything we do. We use them for work, for entertainment, for staying connected to friends and family, and more. However, our computers can also get bogged down with a lot of junk picked up from the Internet and sometimes needs a few tweaks to get it running smoothly and quickly again. These tweaks are known as PC optimization, and they can improve your computer’s performance in significant ways.

Benefits of Tweaking Your System

When your computer stops running as smoothly or as quickly as it once did, there can be a number of causes. For example, sometimes programs don’t install correctly or develop problems down the road that cause interference. If you do a lot of downloading or if you’ve deleted large amounts of content from your hard drive, your computer may work noticeably slower because the data has become so fragmented that it takes longer to piece together what you need. Sometimes computers get bogged down with “cookies” and other files from Internet sites which causes them to become sluggish, too. Basically, there are lots of things that can happen when you’re dealing with your computer that can affect performance. The good news is that most of these things can be easily rectified through PC optimization.

Now the Bad News

PC optimization can help correct the problems, but it’s not necessarily something you want to do on your own if you don’t know what you’re doing. For instance, you might need to make changes or corrections to your registry but deleting the wrong file can make programs stop working and can cause major system problems.

Even though you want your system to run as if you just pulled it out of the box, you might end up doing more damage if you begin making changes you don’t fully understand. That’s one of the big risks involved with this type of optimization. Too many people find out the hard way that optimizing their computer is challenging, and they end up doing damage to their computer – damage that sometimes requires completely reformatting the hard drive.

A Solution

One answer is Smart PC ( ), a software program designed to do all of the PC optimization for you. Once you install the program on your computer, you can easily run it and have it make the necessary tweaks and changes you want. The program can fix program files, erase unneeded data or files, boost your Windows program so it runs as smoothly as possible, and can even protect your identity from being stolen by getting rid of personal and financial information that may be left behind after your online transactions.

Smart PC ( ) allows you to do all of the optimization with just a few simple keystrokes. You don’t have to know anything about your computer or about the tweaks being done. The program takes care of all the work and you can reap the benefits, including a faster running system, a better functioning computer, and improved security because your personal information won’t be accessible.

Tips for avoiding computer viruses in your home PC

Those who have had to have a repair service in, such as The PC Hero in the Chicago area, only to discover that the computer issues they have been experiencing have been caused by a virus will all say that while dealing with the repair service has been easy and that the service did a fantastic job, they wish they had avoided the problem in the first place. In order to do so, there are several tips for avoiding computer viruses in your home PC out there.

The best tip one can get is to make sure to have a quality anti-virus program installed on the PC. A company like The PC Hero keeps up to date on the best and most effective programs and can recommend one and install it for clients. One should also inquire as to the best anti-spyware programs that are available. This is something that is needed in conjunction with the anti-virus software that is run on a PC. Furthermore, one should keep these two essential programs up to date, including always downloading updates as they become available in order to be protected from the new threats that emerge daily. For most users, running a daily scan is vital as it is the best way to ensure that any malware that has somehow slipped through the protection that has been set up can be detected and isolated for removal.

A computer user should never click on links of attachments that are included in emails no matter what the source. All of these should be run through an anti-virus scan. It is far wiser to open a new window and to manually navigate to a site rather than clicking on a link in an email, a message or on a social networking site. These are all prime areas where viruses are placed that can do damage to an operating system potentially infecting the rest of a network and even destroying or rendering totally inaccessible data that is stored in ones system.

Users need to be wary of giving personal information, including passwords and login names to those who are phishing or otherwise trying to be deceptive. One should never enter personal information into a page that he or she did not manually arrive at on his or her own. If a page pops up and makes an interesting offer, always check it out by going to the homepage of the supposed host company manually in a new window to determine whether or not an offer or the need for ones personal information is legitimate. Never respond with personal information to any unsolicited email or pop up.

Because it is often deceived by malware, the firewall included with Windows is alone not sufficient enough to offer full protection. One should always have installed a hardware based firewall that is never disabled and that users in the network are fully trained in how to use. This is something that a company like The PC Hero can help with that will be a great asset to either a home based or small to medium business computer network in terms of protection.

No matter how hard one tries there is always some chance that a virus will get into the system. Should this happen to any user, all he or she needs to do is call a company like The PC Hero, one that is competent, service oriented and capable of restoring a computer or network to working status as quickly as possible in order to keep clients wired and their networks and computing capabilities in working order.

Fix Microsoft Windows Update Error 0x80070490 in Absence of Computer Tech Support

Microsoft Windows Update Error 0x80070490 may flash while installing update due to corrupted Component-Based Servicing (CBS). Techvedic computer tech support discusses quick-to-follow solution to get rid of the issue.

Microsoft Update is an important component offered free of cost and available for all registered users of Windows Operating System. The update not only fixes any prevailing issues with the OS regarding stability, security and performance, but also instills additional features to allow users to do more with the least efforts. However, the probability of Windows Update error messages can’t be denied, and it may happen with any OS versions including XP, Vista, 7 and 8.

Fortunately, with every Windows version, Microsoft has integrated repair and maintenance options. Read ahead to know how to use these options and fix issues in absence of any computer tech support provider.

System Update Readiness tool (Checksur.exe)

It’s available for free download from Microsoft Website. However, getting the right tool considering the OS version installed will help you get the effectual result. And, the latter detail can be easily cross-checked with the system Properties. Now, follow the steps as given below:

Windows 8 system

1.Swipe or use the mouse pointer to navigate to the Search button. 2.Type -cmd- in the search box.

3.In the list of results, swipe down on or right-click Command Prompt, and then tap or click Run as administrator. And enter the desired administrator credentials.

4.Once the command prompt window appears, enter below given commands and press the -Enter- key after each command:

a)DISM.exe /Online /Cleanup-image /Scanhealth b)DISM.exe /Online /Cleanup-image /Restorehealth

5.To close the Administrator: Command prompt window, type -Exit,- and then press -Enter.- 6.Run -Windows Update- again.

Windows 7, Windows Server 2008 R2, Windows Vista, and Windows Server 2008

Access, download and run the System Update Readiness tool. The tool scans and diagnoses the incorrect manifests, Cabinets, or registry data, as mentioned below:

1.%SYSTEMROOT%\Servicing\Packages and 2.%SYSTEMROOT%\WinSxS\Manifests 3.HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Components 4.HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Schema 5.HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Component Based Servicing Windows Repair

This is frequently used by computer tech support providers across all popular Windows versions. Windows 8 offers one-click button under -Change PC settings- menu. Proceed as: tap or click -General>Refresh your PC without affecting your files>Get started-. Follow the instructions on the screen to refresh your PC. In the previous versions, as mentioned above, Windows installation DVD offered by the PC manufacturer will help you get the desired result. Insert the disc, and navigate to the Setup.exe file and click -Install Now-. Simultaneously, also perform the Windows Update through the official website.

However, don’t be in dismay, even if the aforementioned computer repair solutions failed to fix Windows Update Error 0x80070490. You can seek online tech support from third-party vendors over the phone, email or chat. Understanding the gravity of the issue through remote-screen sharing, experts can enforce the right action plan to make your system error-free, secure and stable. Techvedic is a tech support company provides online technical support, computer tech support , Outsource IT Support, IT Outsource Service in UK, US, Australia and Canada.

How To Fix Computer Freeze Problem

Computer freeze is a common PC problem. Your PC was working absolutely fine, but suddenly it freezes up. You are at a loss. How to fix the problem? Go through this article and find the reasons why your computer freezes up and how to fix the problem.

Are you thinking why a computer freezes up? There are many reasons for which this problem occurs. Your PC was working fine and after installing a program the problem starts then it is due to that software application. In many cases, viruses also cause the problem. If the computer overheats then it could cause the PC freeze problem. Sometimes, random lockups occur due to the computer memory.

Whatever the reason behind your computer freeze is, you need to get it fixed. You have two options to perform this task. Firstly, there are many computer repair companies that offer tech support to the computer users for resolving PC freezing problem. Or you can try resolving the problem on your own. Given below are some useful tips that you can employ to resolve the issue.

If the problem starts after installing a certain program, better uninstall the newly installed application. The problem should get fixed. If you dont know how to uninstall the program, go to Control Panel and then click Add Remove Programs, select the particular program and uninstall it.

Your computer was working find and if suddenly lockups occur, then it might be an application that caused the issue. Just press Control-Shift-Esc to fix a stalled computer. Once you press these buttons together, it will bring up Windows Task Manager. Here you will find the list of the programs that are running on your PC. The program which is not working, its status column will show it as Not Responding. Select the program and click End Task. This will resolve the issue instantly.

Sometimes, computer freezes occur if you run too many applications at the same time and the computer does not have much resource to run them. In this case, you need to limit the number of program and only run two or three programs at one go.

Does your computer freeze while visiting some certain websites? If yes, then either you have to refrain from visiting those websites or you need to use a different browser. If you find that the web browser is freezing continually, try to uninstall and reinstall it. You can also use another web browser.

You should also check for viruses or spyware. Most of the times computer freezes due to virus and spyware attack. To fix it, you need to run a spyware and antivirus program. It is also suggested to update Windows and install latest patches.

Find Out If The Kinoteron Beat Turbo Beat Making Software Lives Up To The Hype! – Real Users Kinote

You do not need to additionally go online for this particular activity.
Sounds and beats can be easily drawn in with the mouse.
There is a keyboard on the fly that can be used with drum beats.
The beats archive is pretty extensive. However, you always have the freedom to import or create your own beats and incorporate it into your music.
The software interface is a definite surprise. All the tools that you need are exactly where you would need them. You also have flexibility with clearing off the tools if you require a less cluttered working space. The installation process of the actual software is also super rapid. Novices can use Dub Turbo very effectively to create their very first songs. The fact that it is PC and MAC compatible simply means you are not straddled with worrying about whether your music is going to be compatible with your OS.

Dub Turbo tutorials
Apart from the user-friendly features that make the Dub Turbo 2.0 an ideal choice for beginners, the free tutorials demos are a definite boon for the self-taught or the budding musician. What I would like to add from my years of experience is that it is not a piece of equipment or software that makes you a great musician. Your musical expression and your inherent creativity, your thirst to learn and excel and be experimental and harbour a passion for music is what will help you make the language of music your ultimate expression. n.

The Dub Turbo will give you the boost that your creativity needs. A solid understanding of the basics is the foundation stone of a solid structure that you would like your future music creations to be. Simplicity, clarity and in-depth knowledge are the mainstays of sound production. Augment your creativity with the simple guides that the software comes with. The learning will come from mastery of the software. The easy-to-follow steps will make your task so much easier.

Encompasses all genres
With the Dub turbo 2.0, the possibilities are endless. No matter what your genre- hip hop, rap, dub step, dance music, R&B or reggae, the Dub Turbo will site on your desktop and offer you the functionality of an actual recording studio. It’s the very first DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) that provides full music support and offers endless options for the creative musical genius within you. The Dub Turbo has everything that you ever wanted in music production software. Technical proficiency or the lack of it, should not be a constraint to prove your musical genius. Simple, low complexity instructions combined with the highly advanced features that the Dub Turbo includes will ensure excellent output without compromising on quality.

Multi-system compatibility
Like I said earlier, the Dub turbo 2.0 is compatible on a PC or a Mac. What makes it extra special is that it caters to the fact that a lot of people like to be mobile. Laptops rule to roost for those on the move but for those with an edge, the iPads are not far behind. The MAC compatibility means that the Dub Turbo software can be run on an iPad. Creating, editing, mixing and exporting your original betas to your iPads make you and instant hit with your peers.

Create original beats

Simple Ways You Can Do To Track Computer Use

When you use software to track computer use, you can undoubtedbly access the different activities done by any use in the internet and computer without them knowing. Through track computer use systems, you just need to set specific internet sites to be blocked.

This tracking software can be in discreet mode or it can be detected by giving alerts at once. They can trail down every detail done in your computer from specific links to contents. The software will also tell you how frequent the user visited a specific site and sources they attempted to enter.

Trials to enter sites can also be detected using this software. The software can easily track down everything that took place in your PC. This has a number of programs to trail down all online and computer dealings. It is easy to install and it is friendly user software, it does not necessitate you to be an expert to use this. The directions are so simple to understand and easy to carry out.

One of the program that is inside this software is to review the websites visited and what did they do in that website. Also, you will know the contents of messages in emails sent out and accepted. You can monitor all downloads, block websites and even checkr every activities they did in face book or in any account.

The software can note down various internet transactions and save it in a confidential area in your computer. If you seldom use your computer you can bundle all records then send it to your electronic mail, so that you will have time to scan and examine them. By having knowledge on the different internet activities, you can easily decide on measures to be done.

Making use of an impressive software, you are now aware of what your kids or workers are doing with the computer system. Also, this is very effective if you really need to know what websites are being viewed by your children, partners and even officemates. By installing track software you can now share your personal computer to your friends without worry.

However, a lot of software products are not so efficient in monitoring and blocking online activities, so you need to be careful in obtaining the appropriate one which needs awareness and right decision making. If you have no idea on the most appropriate software to use, go over the internet and you will find enough information there.

Useful information on the most suitable software to track computer use can be obtained in the web.

Top Tablet Computers – Tips On Choosing A Top Tablet Pc-sanei N10

Sanei N10
Sanei N10 IPS android 4.0 16GB 10.1 inch tablet pc $192 and free shipping from

Top Tablet Computers – Tips On Choosing A Top Tablet PC

When buying top tablet computers, a few features to look out for include the screen quality, portability, Internet connection, battery, and extras. These features will enable you to choose a top tablet PC that is ideal for your particular needs.

Screen Quality
Setting a screen resolution benchmark of 1280 x 800 PPI will enable you to choose a quality slate PC. A screen resolution of 1280 x 800 PPI or better is recommended, as it will give you sharp pictures. A slate that features in-plane-switching technology is also a good pick because the wider-viewing angle lets you share the screen with others.

A slate PC that is made of Gorilla glass and has a finger print resistant coating is preferable. Gorilla glass is unbreakable and scratch resistant. An example of a top tablet PC that has Gorilla glass is the Kindle Fire.

Most 7 inch tablets weigh in at between 14 ounces and 15.5 ounces, whereas most 10 inch tablets weigh in at between 21 ounces and 25 ounces. The 7 inch slate PCs are therefore more portable, but as a trade-in you have a smaller display that is ideal for books but not periodicals.

It is also a good idea to check whether a slate PC has readily available accessories like covers and cases before buying, as accessories enhance the portability of your device.

Most top tablet computers give you more than 7.5 hours of battery life with wireless turned on. When shopping for top tablet PCs therefore, setting a battery life benchmark of 7.5 hours will ensure you purchase a quality slate PC.

Internet Connection
Wi-Fi only Android tablet computers requires you to be near a hotspot in order to connect to the Internet. They are cheaper than those that have 3G by roughly $100.

If you are a power user or a frequent traveler, a 3G version is recommended. However, if you can readily access Wi-Fi hotspots, a Wi-Fi only version is suffice because it gives you similar downlink speeds to that of a 3G tablet.

Extra Features
Most top tablet computers come with build-in speakers as standard, although earbuds are the preferred mode of listening because they give you better quality sound. A slate PC with other extra features like a camera, microphone, ambient light sensor or GPS is worth considering if these features are important to you and they do not overly increase the price of the device.

Improve Your Vocal Singing With Easy To Use Karaoke Software

A new way to sing and have a great time whilst improving your singing voice is now achievable thanks to an awesome and unique karaoke software thats called Singing Superstar. All you need to sing out loud and have so much fun is a Pc and a microphone.

Singing Superstar works on your PC but provides so many amazing features that you will just have a ball playing with it. It can take any song and turn it so it performs on your Karaoke Program .

Dont have many songs or tunes in your collection then they also provide a service thats totally legitimate where you can download any tune for just $0.09. Nuts or what! You can also store all of your songs in 1 location so no more spending countless hours seeking to locate that specific track you wanted.

With Singing Superstar you will get entirely totally free updates to the karaoke program for life. You will certainly not have to shell out again to use this wonderful karaoke program only for the music but at $0.09 who can criticize.

Bored of singing on your own well with this you can now sing with 6 players so you can have lots more fun and be able to be competitive with your close friends.

You will surly have a song that will be right for them to sing and you can always get them to bring their own music and you can turn it into a karaoke track within minutes.

Setting up the karaoke software singing superstar is so hassle-free a child can easily do it, all your need is a microphone and youre PC or Laptop computer and all of 5-10 min’s of your time.

Normal karaoke software will just let you sing the song and thats all you can do, but with singing superstar you can not just sing your preferred music but it will also tell you how well you sang each song and with this information you can get better and also use it to whip your buddies.

The program works by playing the tune and displaying the lyrics so that you can sing along to. It also keeps the score and records how well you sang to the original. It costs $47 but in my opinion its well worth it as it will give you so many hours of fun.