Network Monitoring Software – Freeware or Shareware Network Monitoring

Nowadays, we can easily find a lot of software those help system administrators to perform the company’s local network monitoring task. There are both shareware (have different functionality with different prices) and freeware software as well. Managers usually find themselves in difficult situations: should they purchase software or use the free one? What is the difference between the free and commercial network monitoring software? Is using the free version indeed help to cut down the company’s expenses? The functionality and features of paid network monitoring software is far better; they offer a wide range of choices of settings, notifications, protocols, monitoring checks, reports, static diagrams and many other features. All these make the company’s network operation more stable & secure. In comparison with paid software, free software offers lesser features and settings to perform monitoring.

Facility like qualified technical support in time by telephone or email comes under paid version of network monitoring software. In addition, the paid software developers always pay more attention on bug issues and try to fix them within the shorter period of time. By using a free version, a person can’t be sure for 100% that a product will meet with his entire requirements and his issues will be considered on higher priority. Free software won’t give assurance that your bug/issue will be fixed opposite to paid version.

Paid software always try to improve their software functionality and features so they launch updates time to time covering all bugs and issues but in case of freeware there is no surety of these kinds of updates.

Often, the commercial network monitoring software developers consider users’ feedback and modify the current version to meet the customer requirements and add features as per users’ suggestions and demands. If the software is free, software developers hardly look into all these kinds of things.

IT or system admin should remember that the network monitoring software don’t do only monitoring of all network devices, software check parameters which are important for the whole system’s productivity. So when time comes to choose between paid and free software, you need to decide, what is more important for business according to requirement. You need features like LIVE Monitoring, Logged Monitoring, Administrative access on network computers, Content Filtering and many more or you need so called monitoring software which doesn’t have required features. It is good to pay some amount to avail necessary features.

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