Open Source Billing Software Jbilling For Every Business

JBilling is the only open source billing software with enterprise features, robust architecture and professional support. It is also free to download and use as you wish. Businesses of all sizes from small to large scale companies can benefit from the robust architecture, versatility, scalability, flexibility and the professional support when needed.

JBilling has been serving several thousands of businesses of all sizes from all parts of the world, generating invoices, processing payments and automating accounting. Big enterprises use jBilling software mainly because of the control and flexibility it provides. They also gain considerable financial gains as a result of using open source, instead of proprietary systems.

JBilling software is the open source billing software, easily customizable to the needs of a very small business to large enterprise. The best part is, the IT department can take full control of the billing software system. The customization goes far beyond rearranging the GUI elements and into actually programming the software to meet your specific needs.

Excellent Business Rules Management System

JBilling can serve a small business that has a few hundred customers to large enterprise that has business spread across the country and internationally with several millions of customers. JBilling sees to it that business users can utilize what they need, while not worrying about extra features. Start up companies to large corporations, there is a software that can provide invoicing support.

Simple to complex billing requirements, enterprises can customise the billing rules according to the exact business requirements. The business rules management system allows you to add or change business rules as you go.

Billing software of all kinds will need extreme flexibility. The billing requirements can be different to different industries. The same billing standards may not work in two industries. Companies within the same industry can have different billing styles. The billing software needs to accommodate this need. That is, the billing software should be easily customisable to the exact needs of the business. The business rules show almost an infinite variety and it is difficult to find a billing software that can easily accommodate all those requirements.

The Key Advantages of jBilling

Optaros, a consulting and systems integration company focusing on open source products has jBilling as the only billing software in its catalogue. Similarly, it is the most active open source billing software at, where 100,000 open source projects are listed. The growing number of downloads every day signals its growing popularity among entrepreneurs round the world. Active forums, professional support and frequent updates also are notable features about jBilling.

The most important thing is, jBilling is distributed throughout the world and expert volunteers work on this software to improve it every day. The pooling of IT talents from around the world is something you can always count on. This ensures high levels of security too, as any security bug will be fixed the minute it is discovered.

jBilling is the only software that offers freedom, flexibility and security like nothing else in the billing sector. It has all the elements within it to gain considerable advantage in the niche market of billing software.

A Brief History Lesson About The Computer And How It Has Evolved Through Time

A computer is an electronic machine that has the capability to accept input, store, recall and process information to give an output in a readable format. But in earlier times, a computer meant people performing mechanical computations under the supervision of a mathematician.

In order to understand the future, we have to look at the history. The history of computer systems can be traced back in Babylonia where the abacus was born about 200 centuries ago. The abacus is a wooden frame holding two parallel rods wherein the beads are strung. It was used like a calculating tool by the ancient society. During the year 1642, Blaise Pascal built the first digital computer. He created his calculator to aid his father who was a tax collector at the time. Numbers were entered using dials and it was able to provide an answer as accurately as when calculated by using mathematics. Today, the basic theory of Pascals computer is still getting used in various applications such as odometers and water gauges.

In 1822, an English mathematician going by the name of Charles Babbage was able to develope the very first programmable computer. He had a theory that arithmetic tables could be computed and programmed mechanically. He built a computing machine and called it the difference engine. Babbages difference engines were among the first in its category of mechanical computers. Although his machine was unwieldy, its construction was analogous to a modern computer. It could follow instructions; there was a separate data and program storage, and also it had a detached input and output unit. However, Babbages machine was not really finished because of economic problems as well as a few other issues. You can find a recently constructed version of the difference engine in the Science Museum in London.

The evolution of punched cards provided an important leap towards computing automation. In 1890, Herman Hollerith and James Powers used these cards with computers. They had made improvements on devices that could interpret the data contained in the cards with little intervention from humans. Because of this, work efficiency increased and reading mistakes were greatly reduced. Additionally, these punched cards could be utilized like a storage memory of nearly infinite range.

World War II created a requirement for greater computer power which was to be utilised in military applications. John Eckert and his colleagues in Pennsylvania built a high capacity electronic computer to serve this purpose. This computer was called the Electrical Numerical Integrator and Calculator or ENIAC. It had been an all-purpose computer but of nonflexible construction.

It goes without saying, Alan Turing, Gordon Welchman, Max Newman and Tommy Flowers were key individuals in the development of the computer at Bletchley Park. Colossus was created for code breaking but greatly progressed the advancement of the modern PC as we know it in the present day.

Computer designs from the 50s were mostly valve-driven (vacuum tube). They were much better in performance than their earlier predecessors but they were bulky and expensive to produce. Transistor-driven computers were developed in the 60s which effectively replaced the valve-driven computers. These transistorized computers were faster, smaller in size and more importantly, less expensive.

In the 1970s, the integrated circuit became popular and was widely used as the primary electronic component for computers. It paved the way for mass production of computers, thus making them affordable not only for companies but for personal individuals as well. This led to the birth of personal computers. Since then computer technology has developed exponentially to the point where now we have powerful computers in the palm of our hands. The smart phone, of course! But they still break down, and when that happens we call on an expert IT support service. They might not be able to mend Colossus though…

Iscsi Target Software For Windows

To support the implementation of iSCSI SAN solutions, most of the small and mid sized IT firms are using iSCSI target Microsoft for windows. It is mainly used to provide storage provision and administration. You can easily create iSCSI targets and iSCSI virtual storage disks with an effective iSCSI Target Software along with iSCSI Target Software MMC-Microsoft Management Console snap-in. Now you can record, export and locate snapshots of iSCSI disk storage to use it for data support and recovery tasks. And with iSCSI Target Software for Windows, the users can merge many storage devices in any business into one storage device. Therefore, this aids to control the storage device effortlessly and even reduces the overall costs significantly.

In order to attain IT business objectives in affordable way IP SAN starwind program is most effective and useful. The small and medium sized IT companies are greatly benefited from the enterprise level solutions with bearing the actual administrative and implementation costs. At times if there is some breakdown in synchronously mirroring data in between two active storage nodes, iSCSI target software allows continuity and easy access to storage devices immediately. This technical development is too advantageous to IT experts since it eliminates the crisis of single node malfunction. If there is breakdown in any of the storage devices like disk or total storage node, the extra storage space accessible because of iSCSI storage solution is used and the system will work continuously without any disturbance. With continuity in storage availability and easy access to any information in storage network, iSCSI target software for windows is indeed very helpful.

With the help of StarWind it is possible to transform industry standard Windows Server to an proficient and perfect iSCSI target SAN Windows. This is even designed in such a way that it can be used centrally and provides network storage for virtual systems like VMware and Hyper-V and several other environments that work in Windows server clusters.

Here are a few essential feature of iSCSI target software for windows:

-Synchronous data mirroring,
-Greater availability of storage capacity,
-Failback with instant synchronization,
-Asynchronous Replication,
-CDP and Snapshots,
-Clustering of servers,
-Thin Provisioning.

These essential features of iSCSI target software for windows enable any small scale IT business enterprise to conveniently monitor and handle data stored on number of storage systems which are networked into one virtual storage device.

You can get best business solutions in an affordable way with any reliable and user-friendly website. Hence, now you can attain your IT business objectives in a small period. You can manage and handle your IT firm with great ease and affordably. You can even see a live demo to learn the benefits and key features of iSCSI target software for windows. iSCSI target software for windows is available for free trial period for one month. If you are happy with this effective and amazing business program, you can request a quote. You will get the entire details on how to buy the software and how to install it on your server system. Hence, it is truly the best and sensible method to control company costs by choosing the perfect iSCSI target software for windows.

The Benefits And Risks Of Custom Software Application Development

Software application development has acquired quite significance in the present business world. Today, different organizations have different goals and have their own methods to reach them. Besides this the increased dependence on the software and web technology has made it mandatory for the organization to go in for custom software application development so that specific needs of the organization are satisfactorily met.

The software application development firm looks into the requirement of the client minutely and scrutinizes its current business model. It analyses the shortcomings in the current IT processes and envision a suitable software application development plan. The software development company takes into account the views of the client to figure out the desired and expected end-result. The gap analysis is done to know what is missing from the system, which if added will boost the existing system to deliver better business offerings. The findings are used effectively to create a custom made application that serves the particular requirement of the client.

Custom software application development has its own advantages and disadvantages. Since software application being developed is out of book, the post-deployment result cannot be envisioned because the developer is not sure how the software application will behave once it is implemented. There can be installation and implementation problems, which take time to fade away. The success of software application depends upon how well the gap analysis test has been done and the new software application has been customized to the existing system.

The risks associated with custom software application development can be minimized by following time-tested and widely accepted software development methodologies like Incremental, Prototyping and Spiral. These methodologies are especially useful for the custom software application development when the outcome cannot be envisioned accurately. The whole development process is broken down into small stages or compartments. This slows down the development process but at same time limits the risk. Prototyping allows the developers to create prototype and test run it to see whether it can deliver the desired result. If it falls short of the target a new prototype is developed. This reduces the development cost because software application development Company is able to add requisite changes in software application throughout the project development process and does not have to re-develop the project from the beginning, if it fails to deliver the desired result.

Custom software application development is costlier than pre-packaged software because it requires special development process and is designed for a particular cause. The custom made software application is more likely to face installation problems than a prepackaged software application because it needs adjustments for proper integration and functioning in the existing IT system. This conditioning takes time and can cause initial operational hiccups.

Custom Software application development has its own advantages. The custom software application provider serves the IT unique needs of the clients and empowers them it to deliver highly customized business offerings, which would otherwise not have been possible. This increases business competitiveness and allows the businesses to gain a lead over its rivals. Though the initial development and installation cost are very high for the custom software application, in long run it offers more benefits to the businesses.

Things To Remember When Getting Software Development Service

Hiring a software development firm or an individual with skills of software is something that a company should be one of the top priorities. This software firm can help them to execute their project well. Below are some tips you can use when hiring one:

You have to choose between hiring a firm and an individual. It’s a crucial to make a decision when hiring a professional software development company or just an independent software developer. It can help or not in the success of the project. When you put up a large project, both a software firm and offshore company can contribute a team of professionals who can brainstorm and execute plan. Now, if the project is just small one, a freelance software developer or two is more practical to help you on executing the project.

Maybe you have this project related to microprocessor software design and you need professionals who can work with you. Larger companies these days would hire a software development company so they can avoid variability. There are various IT firms that could provide you a team of specialists to work on your project. They can also suggest some improvements to make on the project and be able to execute the project on time.

Check the website of your software development company candidate. Upon checking their website; go to their Contact page and us for a quote. They will work on it using a definite time and will provide you some information about their products and services which are best fit to the needs of your company. It is a detailed quote wherein you can practically overview the budget you have to produce when you see it. For example, you need a quote for electronics circuit design, and then they will provide you the best match service and product to your needs.

It is recommended that you consider a software development firm who has maximum experience on the industry. If you have searched for their expertise and experience, it’s time to ask for some sample projects they done previously. If you have chosen at least 3 software development candidates to consider, compare their working styles and determine which approach is the best for your project. So, if you have circuit board design project, ask them for a possible plan to execute it, then compare and choose.

Experienced firm and capable of understanding your project is just big plus. While comparing the style and strategies of each software development firm, you should take note who is better in comprehending your needs and able to translate your ideas almost perfectly.

You will get what you need based on the pay you’re willing to give. For example, you have a software development design project but can’t afford to produce a budget on it, and then the success for your project is really low. Keep in mind that what you pay is what you will get. The bigger the project is, the bigger the budget would be. Just choose the best software firm that will fit your budget.

If you want your software development project to be successful, hire the best firm and invest on quality service.

Where To Go For Computer Repair Etobicoke

Looking for computer repair Etobicoke area users? There are several local shops willing to assist with hardware and software repairs, as well as IT consultations and programs. A-1 Electronic Parts has been in operation in Etobicoke for a total of thirty-three years, and specializes in hardware trade-ins and recycling. Items like monitors, spare electronic parts, computers, or amplifiers all qualify for A-1’s free pick-up service, in which a technician will come to your location to retrieve the trade-in items.

These and most other items are available for free pick-up from the location of any such hardware. On A-1’s website, a potential customer can find batteries, AC adapters, fans — in total, more than one hundred different types of hardware products being offered for sale or pick-up. If a customer is seeking a specific piece of hardware, there is a feature on the site just for that purpose: the keyword index. A-1 Electronic Parts can be found at 196 North Queen Street. They accept four major credit cards: American Express, Visa, MasterCard, and Interac. Customers can deal in US or Canadian dollars.

A business offering different types of computer services is The MV Group, named for Michael Veira. Veira, an IT technician, has worked in the field for thirteen years. The MV Group offers experience with dozens of types of hardware and software: Blackberry mobile devices, Apple laptops, printer repairs, LAN cabling, Windows, FTP, Microsoft Office, Apple OS, and much more. Veira’s website offers helpful links and PDF files, as well as contact options by phone, e-mail, and a website comment form. The MV Group is located at 58 Silver Shadow Path.

Greg Maguire is the founder of IT Guru, an Etobicoke business based around assisting small businesses with IT consulting, computer repair, networking, and software installation. Maguire insists that if IT Guru cannot help with the problem, they are willing to direct customers to someone who can. Though hardware and software repairs are a portion of IT Guru’s business, it seems that they are more heavily focused on IT consultations.

They offer knowledge on several computer peripherals, including monitors, routers, keyboards, hard drives, audio/video cards, speakers, and more. IT Guru can be contacted by phone in order to schedule appointment, in which they will work with you face-to-face in order to assess your needs. IT Guru is located on Judge Road in Etobicoke.

Micro Computer Consulting is another computer repair service near Etobicoke, located in Mississauga at 2065 Dundas Street. Micro specializes in coming to their clients to do on-site repairs and IT consulting. They also offer web services, including coding, programming, database design and development, flash and graphic design, and web hosting.

Aside from the building of websites, Micro also offers e-commerce solutions and CMS (content management services). CMS is a system that works with Micro’s website coding to make it easier for website owners to edit their own sites without the need for separate webmasters or coders to do the work. As far as IT services, Micro offers networking control and maintenance, server monitoring, data recovery, and security.

CMS is a service that takes away the need for an expensive webmaster or site coder, putting control in the hands of the actual site owner. Control and maintenance, server monitoring, data recovery, and security are just some of the IT services available at Micro Computer Consulting. The managed services program at Micro involves prevention of network problems and failures, as well as support costs at a lower cost thanks to a preferred customer rate. Micro Computer Consulting staff members are available for contact through an online contact form, or telephone, fax, and e-mail. Do not worry about computer repair Etobicoke, it is out there.

FileBound Software On-Demand Automated DMS Solution

FileBound software such as On-Demand document automation system helps you search, control and optimize your company’s critical documents such as scanned documents, emails, faxes and other electronic forms. The benefits are unlimited user licensing and full-featured DMS solution that will address most of your critical business needs. You can opt for hosted solution service or you can have it operated from within your IT infrastructure system. Some of the advantages using this software are the following:

First, your business needs are constantly being met because it is from a reputable hosting provider, which at predictable cost. You enjoy its unified solution, full functionality and scalability without incurring risk, complexity and high costs typically associated with document management system software. It is can be easily and quickly deployed with minimal risk. You thus get results immediately without the need for any major capital expenditures.

Second, it provides seamless installation and automatic upgrades without any maintenance hassles. It’s simple, intuitive online interface is easy to learn and use because every aspect of this FileBound software was designed for quick adaptability by end-users. You can thus streamline, configure or reengineer your business’ automated workflows and generate reports in managing information processes, systematization of auditing procedures and compliance with government regulations.

Third, your business processes becomes highly manageable because you have automated document management solution. You can have increased revenues and more profits as a result. When you subscribe to it, you will have access to their service provider’s backup, redundant infrastructure and technical support team. There is also regular automatic update to the latest version of the software. Hence, you get the ultimate certified document security, highest business standard security, best practices, and standard 3rd party vulnerability audit.

Fourth, FileBound software such as On-Demand tracks the location of all your boxes and paper files. You get records and audits of the check-ins and check-outs of all your DMS activities anytime. You can also notify users of any pending orders/requests and manage your files/requests offsite. Since it utilizes patented, route-controlled technology that transmits data over the most effective and efficient Internet routes, you can transmit and receive data at the time.

Fifth, you can retrieve any records by database queries that point to all the associated information for those records. You can also reproduce the information stored for any record via printers, fax, e-mail or DVD. You can also scan documents to make digital images and then index them using barcode recognition, data entry or optical character recognition (OCR). You can store and then retrieve any digital files seamlessly in your system folders. You can locate them via microfilm locations, scanned paper documents, paper locations and system-generated e-forms, which eliminate the cost of preprinted forms.

Sixth, FileBound software, such as On-Demand, is a secured, outsourced DMS solution for companies/businesses of any sizes and there are unlimited points of secured access. This is because it is co-located with the leading world provider of interconnection services and network neutral data centers; thus, its data center has also the highest level of power availability, infrastructure flexibility and physical security. Similarly, it is hosted in geo-strategic locations for easy access to all major ISPs. As such, it has direct access to major metropolitan areas with top-of-the-line performance over secured Web connections. All of its connectivity, systems and facilities are monitored 24/7/365 days each year.

FileBound Software On-Demand Automated DMS has all the advantages over its competitors because it has met the most rigorous and stringent standards as a technology solution provider.

Are you looking for more information on FileBound software? Visit today!

Mca Program Providing The Good Knowledge Of Computers

The term MCA is an abbreviation of Master of Computer Applications that is a three year program in which it comprises of six semesters. This is a professional master’s degree program in India that is designed to meet the growing demand of qualified professionals in the IT industry. In this program, admission can be taken after obtaining a Bachelor’s degree. This program provides a sound theoretical background and excellent practical exposure to the students in these areas. It covers many aspects of algorithm design and optimization, programming, computational theory, network and database management, mathematics, probability, accounting, finance, statistics, mobile technologies etc.

After doing MCA program from the reputed institute, an individual can go in various fields. These fields are described as under:-

1) Hardware and networking: – Hardware and networking field contains the physical elements of the computer system. This field of computing usually deals with the manufacturing, designing and maintenance of computers. It also assembles the manufactured components of the computers, installation and integration of the computer systems through networks.

2) Software engineering and development:- Software engineering and development includes the set of instructions that is called programs for working and performing the specified tasks. These programs may come in the form of packages that are specially designed for specific requirements.
Software testing and Quality maintenance:- In the last few years, the dimension of software development has emerged as separate sector i.e. software testing of the developed programs and ensuring then quality in the team technical aspect and operational as well.

3) Services and application support:- Services and application support includes system integration and applications management, networking and database management, installation and maintenance of software applications and much more.

4) Research and development: – Research and development involves the designing of chips and circuits, integration of peripherals and computer architecture. This field also has the improvement and upgrading of the existing systems, software and applications.

As a result, we can say that MCA program opens a lot of job opportunities for the students. After studying, an individual can begin his career as a junior programmer as well as can grow at the very fast pace to become systems analysts and project leaders.

Enjoying Endless Benefits With Gym Management Software

What is at the heart of your gym? It is certainly your gym management software. If you are still not availing the benefits of this IT solution, you are far away from success and growth in a competitive scenario in the true sense of the term. Flexibility and easy usage features make the software a must-use IT solution in gyms, health clubs, spa parlors, etc. Opt for the gym management software that is easy to use and flexible. Tracking your work in terms of member arrivals, creating fitness classes and offers, tracking members and employees, creating member payment and employee salary lists, managing detailed reports of every member by days, months, year, etc. becomes easy with the right software for gym management. History of visits, fitness packages purchased just a click and you get your answer!

Imagine finding which members are present in your club by just taking a glimpse at your PC! Yes your daily work becomes easier and you will only leave a good impression on your clients, i.e. your gym members. Seeing your business grow and getting the best returns involving less time and attention does happen with usage of the right software for gym management. Why wait when solutions are there in front of you for your gym?

Client management, access control, billing, appointments, sales and marketing, reports and analytics your chosen gym management software will facilitate these and more. When we speak about client management, the scope encompasses numerous elements ranging from finding prospects, member referrals, trials, comprehensive membership to uploading of photos in sync with member accounts, membership upgrades/transfers/freezing, and more. Tracking appointments and schedules related to personal training, massage, nutrition, spa, etc. happens with only a click in gym management software.

No fretting about searching for the relevant page. No banking upon your manual staff for handling of data. No spending of extra time. Start using software for gym management and experience the difference! Tracking all communications with members, viewing their membership contract, their health history, their attendance in the gym will only help you serve your members better and thus retain them.

When it comes to allowing or disallowing access based on membership expiry, you need not pay personal attention. Your chosen software for gym management will do your access control job. Membership expiry, pending balance, particular time of the day such as off peak hours the software will allow or disallow access based on these factors. Enjoy more endless benefits with gym management software.

Plan Well Before Buying Best School Management Software Delhi

School processes need to be managed in a regular manner without any error yet in an efficient way. This goal can be accomplished by tactful selection of software aimed at school management.

Modern education has been revisited to an extent that it reflects in efficient campus management. As a matter of fact, learning has also become fun with the utilization of high-end technological software packages. These ERP solutions are absolutely automated in mechanism further leading to simplified school management. It is undeniably true that in order to develop school into idyllic zone for learners, teachers and all the beneficiaries those are attached to the former, the authorities have to purchase solution serving multiple purposes. Among basic features, student management module is beneficial to maintain admission process, fee collection and all the related functions.

In fact, there are several modules to make the work of officials easier such as fee, attendance and examination management are separate modules those have been compiled in best school management software Delhi. This valuable advent has indeed been contributing to practical yield which marks maximum output without employing much effort. This further denotes the interface of software has been competitively designed by installation of graphical push button technology to enable officials perform their duty efficiently. To be much specific, it can be acclaimed that improved technological system collaborates with modern school management needs resulting in advanced ERP solution. Here are few of the quick tips to be followed while purchasing best web based school software from Delhi:

Modules and their resourceful functionality: With a continuous change in trending patterns, every product undergoes change to serve better functioning. This golden rule even applies to online school management software Delhi which has been modified frequently to provide comprehensive interface. Thus, it is highly recommendable to review the modules those are included in the software along with their utility. The best version must cover all the departments and thereby constitute of modules effectively. Few of the popular modules such as examination management, student management, hostel management, transportation management, fee management and payroll management are nowadays being complemented with necessary alternatives for convenient accessibility. Cost saving solution must be prioritized: No doubt, the ultimate idea of utilizing ERP solution for school is to reduce administrative costs incurred through manual processes of campus management. Therefore, when the decision of finalizing the school software from Delhi has to be taken viably, then, management must give priority to a product which is comparatively affordable over other alternatives.

If the price is not negotiable, get software personalized: Since every IT company may not have flexibility in price structure, it is ideal to consider next best way to save money. Frankly speaking, the developers of best school management software Delhi support customization of services for meeting the requirements of clients by and large. Hence, if the pre-designed software for school management does not fit in the budget of the school, then, customization of the same should be requested ideally.

To sum it up, the online school management software Delhi can contribute to the efficient turnover of the learning institute, if it has been purchased rightly.

School software is one of the best and effective methods of management of resources through Online school management software and windows application for school management.