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Today Business houses overburdened by competition and work and in which employees always proved an important assests. For maintaining this invaluable assests employer has to properly maintain payroll system and payroll software plays an important role in maintaining the payroll system. Payroll software is a computer application programmed specially for maintaining the payroll. Payroll software drives daily wages records, Bonuses, Salary, working records and many more which equipped employer to have an efficient management in work and team management.
We provide an efficient payroll software solution to your valuable business for your daily needs to assign task to employees and their payment system as per their presence and work. We are a software solution provider for Payroll Software in Delhi. Delhi is capital region of India and a hub of Business houses & industries. Due to presence of Business houses there are various category of employee and payroll category which increase the necessity of Payroll software Delhi. Payroll software Delhi is able to manage the overall system in any organization with safeguard from the threats and data lost. We are your business need solution and changing trends in HR & Company policy.
Our developer team designs the software which suits your need and comply your daily work. We made our software to work with any other system to maintain attendance records and employee movement records means a solution to watch every step of your employee.
Expanding business to various parts of country may led your control system down but our payroll system India comply with your expansion you can manage all record in the database and fetch whenever wherever you needed. Payroll software India is just like a remote in your hand just command and you can manage every step in your other branch also. We provide your support for your business need and software modification. Our support and Developer team always in touch with you to solve query and problems.
We provide you generic licensed software which enables your business to use it safely and securely.With the increasing popularity of the payroll software Delhi and Payroll software India, its believed that a person can save almost 60% of its time for documentation and managing records. Its the growing need of the company for their development and growth in national as well as international market. A well maintained HR system and payroll system always proven to make a healthy and profitable business with low employee migration.

Keeping Employee Records Up-to-date In Hr Software

The value of accurate, up-to-date employee records is immeasurable in the workplace. Employers should have a neatly organized system for maintaining employee records of both current and past employees. By using HR software, an employer can easily and readily find information regarding various facts about the employee. An accurate and easy to operate employee recordkeeping system is vital in the workplace.

Because each business is different it is important to have a program that allows you to gather information from employee files using flexible reporting and printing options.

HR Software Features:

Maintaining all employee information in one location
Keeping an employees history at your company without having to keep a lot of paper file folders
Gathering employee information fast
Sheltering employees privacy by securing their confidential information
Setting up employee manuals, HR materials, job descriptions, and company policies

There are many important documents that must be handled properly for the protection and welfare of the business from the moment the employee is hired to the moment they leave the company. Examples of important HR documents include I-9 forms and performance reviews. Each document must be kept neatly organized in the employees file so that it can be easily accessed, yet still have the assurance of confidentiality.

During the duration of the employees employment there will be various records kept. Its valuable to have them all accurately and confidentially stored in one convenient place. This is not only handy, but should a law suit occur, be your protection. The following types of data that should be kept in an employee file:

Employee Records Contents:

The description of the job / position in which the employee was hired
The employees job application and resume
The offer of employment letter
The employees IRS Form W-4
A signed receipt acknowledging they have received the business handbook
Performance evaluations
Details about employee benefits
Emergency contacts
Any complaints from co-workers and customers
Attendance records
Warnings and disciplinary action
Performance awards and citations
Notes of attendance

What Not to Keep in the Employee Files:

Not every document, note, or thought regarding an employee should be placed in their file. The following are all records, forms, and documents that should be kept separately from the regular personnel file.

Medical records: For employees with a disability, it is mandatory by law that the employer keeps all of that persons medical records in a separate file. Even for employees that are not disabled, it is a good idea to keep their medical records separate and private. This may be required under law, depending upon which state you are in.
Form 1-9: An I-9 must be completed for all employees who work in companies of a specific size. The Form I-9 protects the employer by verifying that they have taken the necessary measures to ensure that the employee is legally authorized to work in the United States. The Form I-9 should be kept in a separate folder – altogether on their own. Should the government choose to inspect the forms, you will want them to readily available.
Unnecessary material. Dont start to stick every note, thought and record in the employees file. Make sure the data you keep is pertinent.

With good HR software, the confidential employee records are protected and the recordkeeping operation of the business is much more tuned.

School Software By Stellar Data Solution

With the increase in complexity the manual management of School Administration has become difficult. Skoolmanager is software by Stellar Data Solution Pvt. Ltd also called as school software, has been developed to reduce redundancy, inefficiency, mismanagement from any department of school. Skoolmanager, a school administration software has been automates the process of admission, attendance, fee, timetable in such a way that user with a little computer knowledge can do all this in an efficient manner. School administration software comprises 12 models that automate all the departments of educational institution. With school software, School administration can get any real time information. School administration software is an error free software that has been designed in such a way that it take cares all the necessities of the educational institutions. School administration software comprises 12 distinct modules that automate all the departments of school. School administration software can also be used for academy management, College administration or any other educational institute management. Owing to its special and best features Skoolmanager is also called as an ERP of School. School administration software is flexible, easy to use, and cheap has been developed by an expert team of Stellar Data Solutions Pvt. Ltd. Provides a comprehensive solution to the entire problems in the way of efficient and easy management of every department of the school. School software is very much helpful for teachers because teachers can handle student attendance, grading or marks obtained by various students in a class in an efficient way.

School administration software is also helpful in library management. Librarian can handle the library efficiently without any manual management. Librarian can keep track record of the books issued to students, remaining books in the library. With school software any addition or deletion of book in library stock is quite easy. School administration software is also helpful for time table management of school. It helps in allocation of subjects to teachers, number of lectures that teacher schedules to deliver. With School administration software you can mention the exams held in your school and grade or marks obtained by each student in the examination.

Payroll management is a big burden on HR department of school. School software has been integrated with the best features that it automatically calculates the working days, salary cut or any other deductions like PF etc. The Fee Module of School administration software 2.7 is the one of the most automated fee calculation module available in the market. It automatically calculates fee, pending fee, deductions or concessions, the varying mode of fee payments.

School administration software is also helpful for inventory purpose. All the wear and tear of the school can be calculated automatically and it also presents a very clear picture of profit and loss. That’s why school software By Stellar Data Solutions is also called ERP of School or any educational institute. Yet there are other school administration software’s available in the market but Due to its special features like flexibility, cheap price, and easy to use, error-free skoolmanager has an edge over others. Our world wide customers are very happy with the use of our software. For More details Contact us at:

Oracle Ebs R12 Provides Practical Enterprise Software Application Solutions

Oracle E-Business Suite is an extensive software package that assists in everyday management operations. It includes sets of tools for entering financial info, managing worker information, as well as controllable supply chains. This type of Oracle software application option has sufficient characteristics to deal with complicated sets of company info, yet it can be also user-friendly sufficient for workers to start with without delay. This business suite of Oracle software also includes applications for customer relationship management (CRM), a crucial factor to any kind of successful business.

A major selling point of Oracle EBS is its simplicity of implementation. It can be installed in one central data facility and upgraded from the same site. This practice removes much of the legwork needed to track various data inputs from greater than one workplace site. An additional main benefit is the computer software’s flexibility. It can perform simple front-end jobs such as end-user input and saving customer contact information. The same computer software tools can easily produce even more intricate reports for various enterprise demands, such as agreements as well as wholesale stock orders.

Within E-Business Suite, end-users can generate and store a variety of financial reports, including payables, receivable, fixed assets as well as a general ledger. It may save significant time that workers in the accounting division would certainly need to launch and also update numerous workbooks as well as spreadsheets. Yet another attribute is Oracle’s included collection of human resource management system tools. Each employee’s appropriate data can be stored in one core location, and HR personnel could use it to access data such as insurance coverage plans specifics as well as retirement plans.

Small and medium businesses (SMB) that market a selection of products require a streamlined way of tracking them, and this software application suite provided by Oracle lessens the chance of mistakes or false information. The Oracle Logistics tools may aid a marketing division forecast consumer fads in the around future, so the business will understand which items to supply in order to satisfy those needs. Oracle EBS may additionally be useful in planning brand-new items and managing existing inventory materials.

Oracle’s order management software application tools have several features that make them stand out from their competition. An order processing division could report every part of an item order and also keep it in one location. These include putting an order, pulling the needed products from the stock, refining the client payments, as well as keying in any particular instructions for packaging or freight.

Numerous company owners who are planning to utilize Oracle E-Business Suite in their business will find that it is an invaluable investment tool boosting output as well as reducing nonessential worker activities. These improvements may lead to enhanced profits, creating a positive return on financial investments. Performing required activities in less time as well as utilizing fewer resources is a smart and cost-effective move for small and medium enterprises (SME) that are worried about their bottom line. By implementing Oracle EBS, growing enterprises could potentially strengthen their employee performance in several situations. Although Oracle’s enterprise level software application can be comprehensive, it can also be flexible enough to satisfy numerous various market needs.

Does your company seek a good HR software solution

Effective and reliable human resource management is crucial for any business, but, unfortunately, not always easy to achieve. Managing a complex HR system sadly leaves a lot of room for error, and can also make it more difficult to rectify errors when they do occur. For this reason, it is crucial that you implement an effective and reliable HR system, an especially important component of which is good HR software. Where can you find good HR software? Well, from a company that provides good HR software. However, finding the right company offering the right HR software for your needs can prove an unfortunately convoluted process. For instance, you might struggle to find a company which can offer a sufficient variety of HR software solutions – whether you are a recruitment professional desiring to trim applicant administration or a HR director seeking to devolve responsibility for certain areas of HR management. Thankfully, however, help is at hand here. What would be the most appropriate method of searching for a dependable HR software provider? Undoubtedly, this would involve perusing the Internet. The Internet may be a staggeringly massive resource, but browsing it remains much more straightforward than you might realise. How so? Well, all you have to do in this particular instance is load up a respectable Internet search engine like Google, type ‘HR software’ into the provided relevant text box, and then click the provided appropriate link to search the web using that term. Simple! What precise features should you expect in the right choice of HR software provider? The right HR software provider should clearly offer a considerable choice of HR software solutions, incorporating HR software solutions intended for the purposes of recruitment management, online recruitment, personnel records management, training and development, performance management, online self service, time and attendance management and online expenses management. While the company’s HR software should ultimately have the purpose of trimming HR administration, you should also have the option of combining it with one of the company’s payroll software solutions, thus making the task of maintaining the quality of both your HR and payroll data even easier. provides quality HR softwaresolutions for businesses. To learn more visit their website today.

ESI Software, PF Software, Attendance payroll management software, HR and Payroll Software

Websoftex Software Solutions Private Limited, a Bangalore based Company, an authorized software service provider engaged in HR and Payroll Software, PF & ESI Software development services software is an intelligent solution that helps in efficient monitoring of enterprise database management environments at component and business system levels. Time and Attendance payroll management software is the only way out to manage attendance efficiently and prevent the loss. Due to our timely execution and flexible approach, our services are highly popular in the market. Websoftex Software Solutions Private Limited is constantly evolving and our developers constantly upgrade their skills to provide our customers proper software solutions in tune with the latest trends and technologies available.

HR and Payroll software allows organization to generate pay slips and salary register, based on the attendance of the employees taking care of leaves, overtime, allowances, loans, advance, bonus, encashment and other standard deductions like PF, ESIC, Professional Tax and Income Tax etc. It is general type of software design to handle the generation of the periodic payroll for all short of business types and sizes. It is used to replace the tedious nature of manual payroll generation or the sometimes more costly outsourcing of your payroll. HR and Payroll Software includes * Employee Details (HRM) Employee * Salary Details (Payroll) * Appraisal/Transfer (HRM) * Leave Management (Payroll) * Employee Recruitment and Training (HRM) * Report (HRM and Payroll) Websoftex software solution pvt ltd is a Software company providing HR and Payroll Software for organizations in India. Websoftex Payroll is a leading Payroll & Salary Software System and HR Solutions for Indian businesses. Websoftex Payroll is a Web based Payroll Software, HR software and Attendance Software. Websoftex provides software tools to automate the processes of Payroll Processing, Employee Information Management, Leave and Attendance Management. Websoftex Payroll’s handles all kind of payroll and leave management. Websoftex Payroll having so many reports related to PF, ESI, and Income Tax are ready to print. In our Payroll software pay slips can be emailed to employees in PDF format or published online. Features Configurable Salary Head d




Final Settlement

Pay slips


Hr and Payroll software allows organization to generate pay slips and salary register, based on the attendance of the employees taking care of leaves, overtime, allowances, loans, advance, bonus, encashment and other standard deductions like PF, ESIC, Professional Tax and Income Tax etc.

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Importance Of Online Recruitment Software

Recruitment has been an important process all throughout. Now, the availability of more and more jobs has made the process a lot more tedious and time consuming. HR teams are in need of aids that would help them streamline and simplify the process and at the same time enable them to recruit quality talent.

This also led to HR manager realizing the importance of havingacomplete integrated solution for recruiting. Thankfully, HR teams can now put an end to their recruiting worries with the help of online recruitment software. Recruitment helps automate and streamline the complete hiring process for corporates as well as consultants. It streamlines all the internal processes by facilitating automated applicant tracking and skill-based searches. It helps you leverage you own database by making it easily searchable and available for all recruiters.

Initially, online recruitment software was developed to help create a centralized resume database which helps in accurate searching, short listing and categorization of candidates as per skills, roles and experience. Online recruitment software for corporates allows integration with the corporate career website of the organization so that jobs can be posted directly and candidates responding to the posts can automatically be included in the database.

Off recent, however, a lot of new features have been added to such applications so that recruiters can easily keep up with the emerging e-recruitment trends. For example, integration with social networks is one the latest features that is being offered by most online recruitment software. Recruiters can now easily source candidate profiles from these websites and approach them with job requirement details. They have a wider pool of candidate profiles to choose from which enables them to close positions quickly. So, with online recruitment software, now corporates and consultants can:

Streamline the Hiring Process
Get a Centralized Database
Increase Recruiter Productivity
Gain Visibility through Reports
Control your Recruitment Processes
Reduce Cost
Collaborate Easily

Apart from providing a centralized database and easing out the daily tasks that recruiters carry out, there are a few other features that are offered by online recruitment software that can be prove to be beneficial for the team members as well as HR managers or business owners.

A clear picture of your recruitment pipeline can be obtained at all points of time. See details of open positions, vacancies, candidates in process and pending offers as soon as you log in.
Corporates gain the ability to integrate all aspects of recruitment procedure. With the help of vendor portal, vendors can upload resumes and follow their candidate through the entire process of selection. Similarly employee portal helps the HR teams manage employee referrals. Integration of a corporate website with the online recruitment software diverts the resume directly to the resume database of the software.
With the help of online online recruitment software, recruitment teams across locations can work together on a common platform.

The emergence of online recruitment software has helped the HR fraternity to excel at their work up to a great extent. As and when the application evolves further, it would ensure that HR processes are streamlined and simplified even more.
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Basics Of Accpac Software

ACCPAC software can be your best bet if you are looking for effective business organization. There are various kinds of software available that can be customized as per your business requirements.

ACCPAC Accounting Software is the type of CRM system that covers all different areas of customer relationship management including internal sales, field sales, marketing information and customer care. The system enables you to trade more successfully and exchange the information at ease.

ACCPAC ERP offers an easy accessibility whereby the owner can access the service anytime anywhere. The same range of accessibility is provided to the customers and partners as well.

ACCPAC software is available in two different versions 100 and 200. Both of them take very little time to become active. At the same time, it offers an absolute integration in the office. Naturally, that saves a lot of time and money. What is even more interesting is that the ACCPAC Accounting Software accommodates the growing needs of the company. So, there are no changes required.

ACCPAC Pro, on the other hand, is a manufacturing and accounting system that maximizes the revenue and productivity. In fact, this is the ultimate business management solution tool. There are customizable modules and other features that can give you all the solutions for the business management problems.

ACCPAC ERP can be used for effective HR management, warehouse and customer relationship management along with plenty of other services. There are tools like system manager, general ledger, receivable and payable account, order entries, payroll and others that can add a lot to the growth of the company.

Again there is ACCPAC WMS, software that automate the handling process of the materials. It caters to the need of the distribution centers by enhancing the warehouse management. The system increases the accuracy in handling, accuracy of human resource and cost management. It also maximizes the productivity of the warehouse. The software will help you pick pack and transport the orders with accuracy.

Payroll Management Software – Means of Aligning Accounting Processes Rightly

Payroll needs to be managed in a proper manner which implicates the requisite of installation of software. Thus, by using payroll software, it is possible to attain this goal.

Accounting and financial segments of every organization have to deliver glitch-free results in order to ensure that employees and all the staff members are getting their monthly salary without any discrepancy. Nevertheless, traditional payroll system which employed manual efforts to manage wages of employees often reflected calculations errors or similar issues. These issues might have minor or even grave, but the fact remains unchanged that problematic payroll system can affect reputation of company. In fact, it will not be wrong to say that modern software based solutions for monitoring payroll nowadays offer suitable results as per the needs of distinguished businesses.

In addition to this, there are host of components such as bonuses, incentives and salary deductions which have to be added or subtracted respectively as the case may be before actually finally paying salary to the employees. Basically, all the processes which bear relevance to financial and accounting aspects can currently be handled with a tool of significance known as payroll management software. This software has been most convenient system of distributing wages to staff members in a proper way without missing out any detail. On the same hand, it is reliable source to keep out all the unfair means of bestowing incentives or similarly deducting extra funds due to miscellaneous reasons. Moreover, the additional features supported by this software of payroll are:

Graphical interface with convenient accessibility: The best part of payroll software is that its user-friendly interface has been comprised with push buttons. In simple to comprehend terms, HR payroll software has easy to use interface which makes accessibility convenient further allowing officials to deliver their responsibility in a most effective manner.

Decision-making gets better with this software: With the assistance of software meant for management of payroll, the accounting officials can take decisions in efficient way. This in turn leads to elimination of laborious chores resulting in consistent as well as productive outcome.

Compatibility level is high: The payroll management solutions are designed in a way to match compatibility level of varied types of businesses. Most of all, the configuration of the package has been focused on considering the wide array of needs of corporate world.

Maintains records of wage perfectly: In the archives of database, the information pertaining to salary of employees is stored in a perfect manner within payroll management software. These details represent weekly, monthly and annual wages of all the staff members along with chargeable taxes. On a practical note, it is a prominent solution for all the corporate houses of different sized businesses.

Efficient and effectual solution: It has always been noticed that in order to deliver speedy results, officials skip manual calculative errors and they are not aware about the same. This is a serious flaw which acts as handicap in the professional approach of any company. Therefore, it is highly recommendable for employers to adopt newer practices free of errors by using payroll management solutions.

Lastly, it can be summed up that payroll software is a perfect source to make financial processes smooth and productive within enterprises.

HR Payroll Software developed by HR Software Solutions is regarded as one of the best and easy to use software comprising of Payroll management software of both windows and web based modules.