Unlock Wii Software – Unolock Your Wii Now!

Many people believe that if you want to play backup Wii games, you must install a mod chip. As a result, they may feel discouraged, especially if they dont know how to do that type of thing. Yet, with the Homebrew Installer, non-technical folks do have another alternative if they want to play copied Wii games. Why? Its because the Homebrew Installer is a type of unlock Wii software that uses programming to transform your Wiis capabilities.

However, unlike other unlock Wii software on the market, Homebrew Installer takes things a step further, as it makes your Wii even more powerful than an Xbox 360 or a PS3. It does this through emulation technology. With the Homebrew Installer, your Wii can play DVD movies along with a host of older video games. Within minutes, you can use the Installers unlock Wii capabilities to play games for the N64, SNES and Sega Genesis. This is in addition to the most obvious feature; being able to play copied Wii games.

Of course, if you decide to use the Homebrew Installer to play backup Wii games, make sure you own the original game. If you dont, you would be guilty of piracy, at least according to the laws of the United States.

Now, if this is a problem, you could consider using the Installers unlock Wii capabilities in a different way playing homebrew Wii games. With homebrew Wii games theres no threat of piracy, as long as the game was an original creation of the developer. So, in essence, you can play as many homebrew games as you want without guilt or obligation. In fact, thats what the developers want you to do, because it helps give them publicity, (especially if you spread the word about their game).

In conclusion, if you want to play backup Wii games and you want to avoid the hassles of installing a mod chip, consider getting Homebrew Installer, the perfect unlock Wii software. It doesnt cost much and its very easy to understand, even if you dont know a thing about programming. Best of all, the Installers suite of unlock Wii capabilities will allow you to play movies and older video games abilities that are unique among this type of software.

The Basics Of Computer Backup Software

A backup describes – in technical terms – the process of creating a copy of data so that it is possible to restore the original data if data loss occurs. Backups of computer systems are generally created to be able to recover data if a hard drive or storage device crashes or experiences data loss.
This can include high corporate assets, including documents, spreadsheets and other digital projects. With the modern demand of digital files and documents, having good software is essential to a proper backup of a system.
Some of the top software in the industry include companies like Norton, Incronis, and even software with off shore servers that can protect your data offsite! All these piece of software usually operate under three main ways to backup computer data.
The first way are unstructured backups. Those backups usually refer to one-time backups that are stored on removable storage devices like usb drives, thumb drives, external hard drives, floppy disks or optical media like DVD and Blu-Ray disks. It is very easy to perform such a data backup but it has several disadvantages which make it impracticable.
Then there are full backups that are combined with incremental backups. This means that a full system backup of all data of a computer’s partition is done the first time and incremental scheduled backups afterwards that fit the time frame of the user.
The main benefit of incremental backups is that only data that has been changed needs to be backed up. This can save lots of time and storage space as it usually means that only a fraction of the data has to be backed up on a regular basis.
The last way is called continuous data protection. This is the most demanding form of performing data backups but also the most reliable and secure one. It basically refers to creating backups as soon as data gets changed on the monitored directory, partition or computer system. It will essentially backup new data as soon as it appears on the computer system.
The real time backup makes it possible to access any version of a document or file that has ever been created on the computer system. This makes it possible for any user or administrator to access previous work copies of files in case the need arises.

FileBound Software On-Demand Automated DMS Solution

FileBound software such as On-Demand document automation system helps you search, control and optimize your company’s critical documents such as scanned documents, emails, faxes and other electronic forms. The benefits are unlimited user licensing and full-featured DMS solution that will address most of your critical business needs. You can opt for hosted solution service or you can have it operated from within your IT infrastructure system. Some of the advantages using this software are the following:

First, your business needs are constantly being met because it is from a reputable hosting provider, which at predictable cost. You enjoy its unified solution, full functionality and scalability without incurring risk, complexity and high costs typically associated with document management system software. It is can be easily and quickly deployed with minimal risk. You thus get results immediately without the need for any major capital expenditures.

Second, it provides seamless installation and automatic upgrades without any maintenance hassles. It’s simple, intuitive online interface is easy to learn and use because every aspect of this FileBound software was designed for quick adaptability by end-users. You can thus streamline, configure or reengineer your business’ automated workflows and generate reports in managing information processes, systematization of auditing procedures and compliance with government regulations.

Third, your business processes becomes highly manageable because you have automated document management solution. You can have increased revenues and more profits as a result. When you subscribe to it, you will have access to their service provider’s backup, redundant infrastructure and technical support team. There is also regular automatic update to the latest version of the software. Hence, you get the ultimate certified document security, highest business standard security, best practices, and standard 3rd party vulnerability audit.

Fourth, FileBound software such as On-Demand tracks the location of all your boxes and paper files. You get records and audits of the check-ins and check-outs of all your DMS activities anytime. You can also notify users of any pending orders/requests and manage your files/requests offsite. Since it utilizes patented, route-controlled technology that transmits data over the most effective and efficient Internet routes, you can transmit and receive data at the time.

Fifth, you can retrieve any records by database queries that point to all the associated information for those records. You can also reproduce the information stored for any record via printers, fax, e-mail or DVD. You can also scan documents to make digital images and then index them using barcode recognition, data entry or optical character recognition (OCR). You can store and then retrieve any digital files seamlessly in your system folders. You can locate them via microfilm locations, scanned paper documents, paper locations and system-generated e-forms, which eliminate the cost of preprinted forms.

Sixth, FileBound software, such as On-Demand, is a secured, outsourced DMS solution for companies/businesses of any sizes and there are unlimited points of secured access. This is because it is co-located with the leading world provider of interconnection services and network neutral data centers; thus, its data center has also the highest level of power availability, infrastructure flexibility and physical security. Similarly, it is hosted in geo-strategic locations for easy access to all major ISPs. As such, it has direct access to major metropolitan areas with top-of-the-line performance over secured Web connections. All of its connectivity, systems and facilities are monitored 24/7/365 days each year.

FileBound Software On-Demand Automated DMS has all the advantages over its competitors because it has met the most rigorous and stringent standards as a technology solution provider.

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Ultimate Sap Training System – Computer Based Training Lessons

Still struggling to learn SAP? If you want to obtain SAP certification easily, I’ve got good news …

” Announcing: Former Siemens SAP
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Be among the rare few to own this highly-exclusive “plug-and-play” Ultimate SAP CBT Course System before it vanishes. This is previously available only to insiders and professionals in the SAP job industry.

Dear SAP User,

You might already know, SAP is a big industry. Huge, actually. It’s no exaggeration to say the opportunties are MASSIVE.

That’s for a very good reason…because if you’re familiar with SAP, you’ll know that it is one of the best and highest paying job you’ll ever find. Here’s why:

SAP consulting is HOT. It’s probably the hottest jobs around, you could earn more than $1200/Day as a SAP professional. Today over 38000 companies in more than 120 countries across the world use SAP. SAP AG is investing over $3 billion to $5 billion in the next 5 years. That’s billion with a “B”.

If you have SAP knowledge, you can get a cut of that. That’s a huge competitive advantage, because 10 out of the top 10 US companies with the highest market value use SAP software. This means you will be marketable and in-demand among the any large firms.

It’s easy to land any I.T job even if you’ve a limited knowledge of SAP. SAP is in high demand amongst many companies now. Those who manage SAP projects can earn between $125,000 and $150,000, while project managers who serve as liaisons between project teams and clients can earn $150,000 and up.

So, as you probably already know, the SAP industry is very huge, but you’re also most likely aware of expensive and tedious it is to enroll in SAP training courses. Here is why …

What Does SAP Stand For? – “Slow And Painful ”

“Slow And Painful”, that is what one of my students told me what SAP stands for. Here’s the big problem, learning and understanding SAP is a time consuming and costly endeavour. Furthermore, SAP Certification doesn’t come easy, as it requires extensive knowledge in a particular area or module in SAP. And if you’re an SAP student, you’ve probably come up against the same old brick wall…

Are you tired of SAP private training institutes that are simply outrageously overpriced?

Frustrated and demoralized with the steep learning curve of SAP modules?

Wished there was an inexpensive and easy way to master SAP without paying for expensive training?

If you’ve answered yes to any of the following, you are not alone. Have you ever wanted to take your SAP knowledge to a new level? If so, this may be the most important letter you’ll ever read…

Introducing A Highly-Exclusive Opportunity
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The Fastest, Easiest Way To Learn Everything About SAP …
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Hundreds of high quality SAP software computer based training (Interactive CBTs) that guide you every step of the way

This Ultimate SAP course covers all major SAP modules including R/3, ERP, ABAP, DB, MM, Basis and more

Certification materials and resources with industry handbooks, workbooks and examination software applications

Step-By-Step Instructions walk you through the most common questions, issues and task you’ll encounter with SAP.

Case study-based exercises help you build and test your knowledge and tips to warn about potential problems.

Learn about SAP module implementation, SAP business webflow and master SAP object programming

Flash enabled visual lessons with text and user interactivity to make learning SAP fun and simple.

Complete SAP modules with intelligent self assessment that advice and guides you like a real-life instructor

Exercises and study exam guides with Q&A to allow you to pass your certification examination with ease.

Well, guess what? You CAN be a certified SAP consultant fast…and it’s not illegal or even the slightest bit shady. Trust me, this is unlike anything you’ve ever seen before. (Training companies have kept this secret for years… just to keep you paying for their sky-high overpriced courses!)

The good news is: In just 24 sessions of one hour or less, you’ll master the entire SAP project lifecycle, from planning through implementation and system administration through day-to-day operations.

Using this systems’s straightforward, step-by-step approach, you’ll gain a strong real-world foundation in both the technology and business essentials of today’s SAP products and applications – from ground up.

I’m going to hand you the easiest way to learn everything you need to know about SAP without even attending expensive courses or seminars. This is the only hold-your-hand system of its kind… anywhere. And it doesn’t matter if you’re a fresher or an experienced SAP consultant…

Even better, you can tap into my proven expertise and experience to learn and understand every major SAP module the easy and inexpensive way …

That is the kind of experience, acumen and knowledge I bring to the table to help YOU succeed in your SAP certification examination.

” No Experience in SAP? Don’t Worry.
This SAP Training Course Will Get You
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Unfair Advantage Over Your Competition ”

That is the kind of savvy and know how that I can teach you in my step-by-step course. But that’s not all…

Since 2002, business owners have flocked to my 5-day private seminars on SAP implementation, SAP business workflow and webflow, cost reductions and using different SAP modules which constantly sell out at $3,500 per seat (or more). Believe me, customers don’t gamble $3,500 (plus travel expenses) for just a bunch of hype.

You get the advice of a legitimate high-priced expert for less than the cost of a good meal with your family. So what does this all mean to you?

“Get The Same Copy That Is Previously Only Available
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Well, I’ve got news for you. Forget the textbooks and expensive lessons as I bring you the best “insiders” training course jammed pack with all the materials you’ll ever need.

This is the same course content that my seminar customers have paid over $3000 for. And I’m completey serious here.

Written by SAP insiders, this comprehensive course takes into account the ever-changing features, functionality and toolsets of SAP to bring you the most updated information on how to use SAP to design, build, deploy, populate, access, analyze, present and administer data.

You’ll discover the options that are available in SAP and uncover a new means to improve business performance.

You can be sure that this is the largest and most complete SAP training system you’ll ever come across…

Maybe you’ve heard people talk about a “no-brainer” decision before, meaning one that’s so easy and so obvious that you don’t even have to think about it. Well…

This Is A True 100% No-Brainer “SAP-In-A-Box” Opportunity

The entire system consists of 5 mega components. It is easy to pick up and use. Just “plug and play” it in your PC system and you’ll have the experience of a real seminar. Really, that’s all you have to do, because this package contains everything you need, no matter if you’re a beginner or an expert. And I’ll prove it now.

Let me break this down for you. Here’s what’s included in your Ultimate SAP-in-a-box learning system:

System Component #1:

Ultimate SAP Training System
($997.00 Value)

There is simply too much content to list them all. But here is a brief look at some components…

For All SAP R/3 4.6 To Enterprise 4.70 Users
… What’s Included :

– Project Systems
– SAP Computer Based Training Modules
– Strategic Enterprise Management
– Database Administration and Monitoring
– Production Planning and SOP
– Database Administration Made Easy
– Cost Centre Accountant
– Financial Accountant
– Shipping Clerk
– Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
– CO CCA Periodical Processing
– MM Invoice Verification
– AR Accountant
– CO CCA Master Data
– Cust Order Processing
– Advanced Administration and CCMS
– Cust Ship and Delivery
– CO CCA Peridoical Allocations & Reports
– SAP BW Configuration 1
– SAP BW Configuration 2
– Structure and Operations
– System Management: Systems Admin
– FSCM Biller Consolidator
– SAP Finance In-House Cash
– SAP Finance Biller Direct
– Purchaser, Billing & Controlling
– Finanacial Management
– Inventory Management
– FSCM In-House Cash
– FSCM Biller Direct
– Mat Acq & Payment
– Production Planning
– Product Costing
– Financial Supply Chain Management
– Materials Requirements
– FSCM Collaborative Business Scenario
– ExtractOnDemand for SAP R/3
– Planning Business Process Management
– TMS Configuration
– Warehouse Management
– Fundamentals
– Asset Accounting

You’ll Also Learn …

– SAP R/3 Style Guide
– ABAP Programming
– SAP Open Information Management
– SAP Installation
– SAP Tips and Tricks
– SAP R3 3.0 Working With SAP
– MM Inventory Management
– MM Purchasing
– MM Invoices
– FI Receivables Payables
– FI General Ledger
– FI Payments
– FI Balance Sheet
– CO Cost Center Acctg 1
– CO Cost Center Acctg 2
– PM Overview
– PM Plant Maint. Proc
– PS Overview
– CO-OP Internal Orders
– PP Material Req. Planning
– PP PO Processing
– ABAP 4 Overview

With “Ultimate SAP” in your arsenal, you’ll be an unstoppable force in the SAP world.

The professional training DVD set covers SAP R/3 4.6 to Enterprise 4.7 plus ABAP and it is perfect for those working with SAP R/3. Working on SAP R/3 either full time or as a part time contractor is a lucrative business. There is a rising demand for personnel with SAP background.

Understand SAP’s products for enterprises and SMEs and choose the right solutions of your company

Discover how SAP integrates with Web services and service-ortiented architecture

Develop an efficient roadmap for deploying SAP in your environment

Plan your SAP implementation from business, functional, technical and project management perspectives

Walk through a step-by-step SAP technical installation

Master basis SAP system administrations and operations

Develop your personal career as an SAP professional

This computer based training DVD is ideal for both newcomers to experienced consultants.

System Component #2:

($297.00 Value)

SAP ERP Central Components

R/3 Enterprise 4.70

Business Information


Basis Technology

mySAP Technology Components

SAP J2EE Engine 6.20


This module provide an in-depth reference with business and technical information for project team members, managers, consultants and future SAP Customers.

This means whether you’re in finance, distribution, IT, sales, HR or other such sectors, you can change careers and land a new job by cross training. If your background is in IT/System development, you can cross train into ABAP development, basis or system administrator.

With their DVD, you do not have to quit your job to train. Save money and time on expensive courses! Train at home or at your own free time. The rewards and job satisfaction is astounding.

System Component #3:

Complete SAP ABAP Course
($397.00 Value)

This course comprises of an introduction to the SAP R/3 ABAP programming language.

It contains word documents, exercises at a professional level aimed at bringing the beginner up to speed quickly and comprehensively.

The ABAP Course Covers :

– Introduction to ABAP
– Introduction to ABAP Programming
– Simple Output Statements
– Data Declarations
– Retrieving Data With Select Statements
– Control Statements
– Data Structures and Internal Tables
– Internal Table Processing
– Online Debugging
– Modularization Techniques
– SELECT Statements
– Authorization
– Passing Between Programs
– Catching Runtime Errors

Also includes: The Ultimate SAP ABAP 4 Training Manual – Over 21 Chapters With Screencaps

System Component #4:

Project Management With The SAP R/3 System
($147.00 Value)

This course shows you how to undertake project management using the SAP R/3 system.

SAP R/3 training module is the nontechnical user’s guide to working with SAP R/3, the leading business enterprise software product in the world.

Written and road-tested by experienced SAP R/3 users and trainers, this module saves typical SAP R/3 users time and trouble by providing them with the universal skills needed to work with any module of this complex software.

It comprises a workshop eBook which teaches the theoretical background ideas, how to plan, control and execute a project using the SAP R3 system. Screenshots are included showing how to run transactions on the R3 system

Contents Include:

Basics and Keywords

Case Studies

Planning The Project Structure


Cost Planning and Controlling

Capacity Planning

Earned Value Analysis

Implementation and Execution

SAP R/3 can be used effectively by anyone who can perform a handful of simple procedures that are employed in nearly every SAP R/3 transaction. These are explained in plain English, using illustrations and real-world examples.

This manual is ideal for SAP consultants and project managers and anyone having to implement the project management modules of SAP

You Get Step-By-Step Instructions For Setting Everything Up

That’s right, it can’t get easier than this.

Every single module comes in a jam packed DVD with computer based interactive training.

I’ll walk you through everything you need to do, and connect all the dots for you.

That has got to make this the easiest, most resource packed system you’ve ever seen…

“Ultimate SAP” Main Training System, where you get materials and lessons that coverseverything from SAP R/3 4.6 to Enterprise 4.7 and anything in between. Previously only available to seminar participants and industry consultants.


Latest Edition Of The “SAP Library” which provides business and technical information covering SAP ERP, R/3, Warehouse, Basis,DB and more


“Complete SAP ABAP Course” which provides word documents, exercises at a professional level to teach the R/3 ABAP programming language quickly and comprehensively.


“Ultimate SAP”Project Management With The R/3 System which helps you undertake project management using the SAP R/3 system. Learn how to plan, control and execute any project with R3.


Secret Bonus – You’re going to love this surprise…


Total Value For Your ENTIRE SAP Training System

This is literally everything you need to get started right away, without feeling like you don’t know what to do next.

Now your actual investment for this might make you dizzy…surprise…

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The information in this system is so gargantuan that I’m 100% confident that you’ll take your SAP knowledge to the next level.

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Sounds good? I think so too.. And I’m backing this up with my…

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The bad news is this: If you would like your own personal copy of the Ultimate SAP Training System so you too are privy to the wealth of information on the DVD… you may just be out of luck. You see, at this point in time, it’s my intention to only offer a tiny, limited supply of the Ultimate SAP Training System for “public consumption”.

At the moment, I’ve only got 200 in storage, and once they’ve been snapped up like I’m certain they will be very soon after this message goes “live” that’s it. And when we reach that point, I’ll withdraw this offer immediately and not apologize for it.

And I’m not going to keep the dinky introductory price I put on it. Not a chance. Success stories are rolling in, so I’m going to raise the price accordingly.

First I’ll bump it up to $97.00…then to $197.00 and more…and it’ll still be a bargain for what you’re getting.

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” How Much Would You Pay To Attend A SAP Seminar? ”

Do the math. Each expert charges at least $500.00 per session for consultation fees. My rate is $3,500.00 per seminar. Training courses from SAP labs and Genovate charges upward of $15,000.00 excluding certification fees and administrative fees.

This program teaches you everything you need to know for a tiny fraction of what it would cost if you sought them out individually.

And you can play them over and over as often as you need. (Unlike a pricey $15,000-ahead course, where your mind is so full your ears are bleeding at the end, and you only vaguely remember what they teach you.) You only invest $47 for me and I can hardly wait with you to share this wealth of SAP training materials.

I can’t force you to ACT NOW. That’s what makes the winners, well, winners! They see an opportunity that’s too good to pass up and they do it. What I can tell you is this.

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Still not sure if this SAP course is the answer for YOU?

Sitting on the fence is quite safe, but it doesn’t get you anywhere. It doesn’t help you secure that SAP job or that certification you’re after. It leaves you in the same pickle as before.

I realize that you need to be sure. That’s why there’s a 60-day 100% Money Back guarantee.

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SAP Training System –
2011, 2010 ShellClick

Why Should You Use Videopad Video Editing Software

VideoPad video editing software can help you turn your favorite home movies and videos of your friends and family into amazing movies that will impress everyone. This software makes editing, adding special effects, optimizing and sharing your videos online or through other methods fast and easy. If you love to take videos of your loved ones, you need this video editing software!
Editing your videos is no longer something you need to consult professionals for. The VideoPad video editing software lets you edit your videos straight from your camcorder, your webcam or your DVD player. You also have the option if importing videos so you can edit them on your computer. This software supports many different video formats including .avi, .wmv and .divx.
You can make your home movies look like they have been professionally edited by adding transitions with this video editing software. The software lets you choose from many different fade transitions, control the duration of the transitions and look at what you have done to be sure it is what you wanted. You can also edit the audio on the video by adding a narrative in the background that was recorded elsewhere, mixing and importing music for your video and recording a narrative directly onto the video just by pushing a button.
This video editing software also makes optimizing your video fast and easy. You can alter the visual effects like the brightness, contrast and colors in the video. You can also use the video editing software to easily change color pictures to black and white, sepia and more and the other way around. The software also lets you insert captions in the form of text on your video so the viewer knows what is going on. These are all easy to do no matter how little experience you have with video editing and will make your video like like it was professionally edited.
The VideoPad video editing software allows you to easily share your completed movie with anyone and everyone. You have a lot of options. One way to share the movie is to burn it on a DVD so you will be able to watch it in your living room with your loved ones. Another option with this video editing software is to upload your video to YouTube so anyone who is online can see it. You are also able to save the video to your computer where it will be available if you want to watch it or share it with others at a later date. You can also convert the movie to a format that allows you to send it to an iPod, an iPhone or any other compatible cell phone.
VideoPad video editing software is a must have for people who love to capture special moments with their friends and family on video and share the results with others. This software allows you to easily edit, optimize and share your movies with anyone no matter where they are. You dont have to be an expert video editor to use this video editing software. It is so easy that anyone can do it!

A Simple Way To Acquire Basic Computer Training – Master Computer Science Topics Improve Your Computer Science Skills Faster On Your Own

In our present world today, basic computer training has become very important for everyone in our society. Evidence of this could be easily found everywhere you go today. Youll notice that computers are in use in one way or the other. We all need to know how to use computer, in other to cope with todays changing computer world. In this article, well discourse the various options that you can use to your advantage to learn new computer topics or to master your basic computer science skills faster.

But first, we need to understand what primary or basic skills are, including the steps to master your skills faster. First youll start the computer, which is followed by using the keyboard and the mouse. But before this, it is very important to understand the various parts of the computers and its functionality in order for you to actually master your computer skills very well. You should be familiar with minimizing and maximizing windows from your desktop, toggling between various applications that are currently running on your computer, opening files, closing files, saving files and other basic tasks.

Another important task is for you to be able to understand the computer fundamentals. Like how to open and type words, in word processor software like Microsoft Word. Youll also need to know how to save the typed contents, creating an e-mail account on the internet, sending out mails to friends and family members, using the Internet, usage of various Microsoft applications, printing out files you need. Youll also need to know how to use of various peripherals like the Compact Disk (CD), printer, connecting internet cables on your computer and few other things.

you may find it difficult to at first, but when you understand what these are and how to use them very well on your computer, it could be exciting and interesting to learn new computer science topics faster. There are various methods to acquire basic computer training or to learn how to use computer. If you really want to master basic computer skills faster in a smart and easy way, Ill now tell you the best options to help you learn your computer science skills faster without asking for help from anyone.

Your best option should be to make use of computer training video lessons, recorded on a simple DVD. Computer science training video tutorials that are on DVDs, that goes into details about the history of computers, what the basics of computers are and how to use them. This is the best option for every beginner who wants to master his/her computer skills faster or who wants to learn new computer science topics faster on their own. Please never settle to start your studies with text books only. Starting your studies from books or books only, is the main reason why so many people spend months or even years to learn simple computer skills faster.

Youll get screenshots of various applications on a computer, in the basic computer skills training DVD. To help you master new computer topics easier. If for example, there is a section about how to use a mouse, and youre still finding it difficult to understand, youll screenshots like how to double-click using a mouse, how to select text using mouse, how to drag and drop, and so on. You can easily understand all these with the help of computer training video tutorials recorded on a simple DVD or DVDs, with beginners in mind.

Another important thing you must not forget to consider, before choosing the right product to buy for your studies is the final out-put of the video training product you intend to buy. This could easily Skyrocket your learning skills faster. Most basic computer training video lectures on sale on the internet and on most shops are recorded on just Audio CDs/CD-ROMs. This can limit your chances of learning computer Science topics faster on your own, if you dont have a personal computer at home. But if you can find one thats on a simple DVD, itll be a better option for you. Youll be able to learn from your home DVD player as well as from your computer (if youve got one at your home).

You can learn what input and output devices are, how to use them, what memory is, what are storage devices and their usage. Oh! do you know what a modem is and how to use it, to connect to the Internet? Learn them efficiently and effectively using a simple computer skills video training on a simple DVD, to master the fundamentals of your computer and improve your basic computer science skills faster.

Each and every day, something new in the world of computers is emerging and it is essential that you keep pace with at least the basics of them. Grab a basic computer training DVD today! And start to explore the world of computers in its fullness. Youll be surprised at how your computer skills will improve within a very short time.

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Create Your Own Animated Videos With Machinima Software

Whether you’ve just started creating your own animated shorts or ready to go pro, creating machinima is very easy to do if you have the right tools at your disposal. From text-to-speech programs with avatars, recording skits with your favorite video game characters, to making everything yourself, there’s a way to create your own show no matter which technique you use. As long as you know how to edit videos for YouTube, you can create an animated video with the right tools in your hands.

For those who can write a short script, but don’t play video games or know how to draw, Xtranomal.com is a good place to start. Their text-to-speech program lets you create machinima videos using pre-made avatars, settings, and sounds. You can even change the camera angle to get specific shots if needed. As for the speech, the web-based program uses the same speech voices found on your PC. This means that your actors will sound like robots more than actual people. The web-based program is free, but the site also offers a desktop program that you can purchase downloadable content for extra avatars and other items that you’d like to use.

If you wish to film some stunts or skits in a video game, you’ll have to do so by recording the action and using a video editor. All you have to do is either hook up a camcorder (or PC) to your TV’s video output or by using a video capture card if you’re using a computer game as the setting. As long as you know what to do and which camera angles to get, you can make a machinima video within an hour. For cameras, you’ll need friends spread throughout the game world to look in certain directions. The video editing software will cost around $40 and you can find help making these types of videos online on various blogs.

If you know how to make animated videos from the ground up, you can create machinima by using Adobe Photoshop and Premiere. Both programs can be used to create and edit videos through Flash and can be formatted to be played online or even on DVD. Some artists have even done videos using avatars just as detailed as their video game counterparts using just these two programs. You can get them both for $100 bundled or buy the pro version separately, depending on how far you want to go with your videos.

You can find all sorts of programs and editors to make your own machinima videos online. You can also find advice on various blogs and podcasts as well. They provide tips and techniques to those who wish to make animated shorts for the first time or to help take their videos one step further. Regardless of how you decide to create it, making these types of videos can be fun for you and your fans to create and watch.

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Using Installaware 7 To Patch Software Products


This whitepaper describes how to use InstallAware for patching software products. While many third party patching tools are available, most are loosely integrated with installation tools. This makes the patch delivery and installation awkward, resulting in a less than satisfactory user experience. Certain setup authoring tools do provide an integrated mechanism for building patches, improving the user experience. However, in these cases the patch authoring process is very complex and requires special training. Patches are treated as a special kind of setup project, with many authoring pitfalls that the developer has to be conscious of both before and during actual patch development. Since patches are distributed after the actual product has shipped, this results in difficult situations where the original setups can no longer be modified, but were required to be authored differently for the patches to be successful.

InstallAware addresses these challenges in patch authoring using a unique technology: One-Click Patching. InstallAware literally builds patches for older versions of your products in a single click. You simply refer the IDE to the old, built versions of your setup to upgrade, and click the “Build Patch” button. No additional coding or development effort is required at any time. InstallAware takes care of the rest for you.

Despite this remarkable ease of use, in the InstallAware tradition, extensive customization of the patch process and patch user experience remains possible. This makes it possible for you to integrate your business logic into your installer at runtime, dramatically reducing development overhead that would otherwise be required to support that logic. For instance, before applying a patch, dynamic validation of the user’s existing product license may be performed, barring the software upgrade if the license has expired or is invalid. Similarly, a single patch may be applied onto multiple targets making it possible to reduce integration workload when patching products in different target languages, editions, and other configurations.

InstallAware further aids patch deployment by reducing the payload size, improving compression ratios, and caching old version setup sources. Patches are built using binary incremental differencing technology, which includes only the delta between the old and new versions of your files in your patch packages. This data is then compressed using LZMA/BCJ2 compression technology, which pre-processes files to increase their compressibility for even more space savings. At runtime, InstallAware simply refers to cached setup sources, eliminating unnecessary CD/DVD and other kinds of original setup media prompts, which would otherwise derail patch deployment (other setup authoring mechanisms do not cache setup sources on the end-user system).

While offering these unique benefits, InstallAware is completely standards based – every InstallAware patch is a native Windows Installer patch package (MSP) that can execute directly, without requiring a third-party scripting runtime to be previously installed. Windows Installer is the only Microsoft approved installation technology and is a requirement of Microsoft logo certification programs. It offers several other advantages such as elevated-privilege installations in high-security contexts and automated corporate deployment using Active Directory Group Policy. These benefits make MSP format patches the only accepted software distribution format for large enterprises.

Building the First Version Installer

While it is possible to upgrade products built using any setup authoring technology using InstallAware, those upgrades cannot take advantage of InstallAware’s One-Click Patching technology. Any product which you wish to patch using InstallAware must have originally been installed with InstallAware.

To build the installer for the first version of your product, perform the following steps.

1. Our hypothetical product is comprised of two files, an application file and a data file. Windows’s standard text editor Notepad, located in your Windows folder, will serve as our application file.

We’ll go ahead and create the data file. Right click your Desktop, and choose New – Text Document. Name the file Notepad Data, double click it, and edit it so its contents look like the screenshot below:

2. Now that our first version product files are ready, we can get started building the first version installer. Launch the InstallAware 7 IDE using the Windows Start Menu. Then, on the Project tab, in the New group, click the Basic Setup button. The New Project window is displayed.

3. The Basic Setup project type is pre-selected. Additionally, the New Project window lists other types of templates, wizards, sample projects, and project converters.

The Basic Setup project type contains all the plumbing we need to build a fully working installation – with out of the box support for multiple features, application repair and maintenance, uninstall, and also patching, our area of focus in this whitepaper.

4. Under the Project Name field, accept the default value of My Setup, or provide your own project name. Projects are normally created under your My Documents folder, and reside inside their own subfolders. If you would like to use a different folder, enter that folder name here, or use the suggested value. Click OK when you’re ready to create the project.

5. Now that our setup project is ready, we’ll begin to flesh it out with our products’s logical organization. On the Design tab, click the Files and Settings button. Select the Features designer under the Setup Architecture heading and define two features, so your setup project looks like the screenshot above. Use the Rename button to rename existing features, and the New button to insert new features. The Up-Down buttons on the top right corner of the design view let you sort your features. You may also customize feature descriptions by highlighting a feature, and then editing its description in the Feature Description field.

When you’re finished, select the Files designer under the Setup Architecture heading to add your actual product files to the setup project.

6. The top section of the Files designer lists the files available on your development system. The bottom section of the Files designer lists the files that are installed by your setup. Notice the list of variables that are displayed under the Target Folders list. $TARGETDIR$ is a special variable which indicates the destination directory chosen by the user at install time. Select $TARGETDIR$ before adding any files to make sure they will be installed into the end-user’s chosen destination.

The Filter Files by Feature check-box lets you associate individual files with your product’s logical organization (the features defined in the previous step). After checking this box, be sure to choose the product feature that you wish to associate files with.

From your Windows folder, add the file notepad.exe under the Program Files feature. Then browse to your Desktop folder, and add the file Notepad Data.txt under the Data Files feature.

7. Shortcuts will let us easily open installed files and test that the patch is working. Select the Shortcuts designer under the Setup Architecture heading, and then click New to display the New Shortcut dialog.

It’s easy to create shortcuts in a variety of locations using this dialog. Click the Browse button to visually locate your shortcut targets from among the files you’re installing, or alternately type any file or folder location directly in the Shortcut Target field. Be sure to name your shortcut using the Text field, and pick at least one location to create the shortcut under from the Shortcut Placement group. Click OK to save your changes.

Create two shortcuts one called My Data which points to our dummy text file, and another called My Program which points to the copy of Notepad that we’re installing. We’re now ready to build our first version setup!

8. On the Project tab, in the Build group, click Web Deploy. We choose the Web Deploy build mode, because when a setup is built this way, it locally caches its setup sources on the target system eliminating the need for source media prompts that would be occurring with other build modes, such as the CD or DVD build mode. It’s also possible to build a setup in Web Deploy mode without actually deploying anything on the web we’ll revisit this subject in the second half of this guide.

When the build is complete, click the downward arrow on the Output Folder button in the Build group, and choose the Web Deploy location. Explorer opens up with our built setup, with the following files located inside the folder:

* My Setup.exe: This is the main setup executable, which contains the installer engine.

* Data Files.7zip: This setup data file contains all the files which were included in the Data Files feature.

* Program Files.7zip: This setup data file contains all the files which were included in the Program Files feature.

9. Create a new folder on your Desktop, calling it Version One. Copy all built setup files inside this folder. This folder serves as your backup location for your old version installer, which is all that is needed for building a patch targeting this first version. Old product files or setup sources are not required.

Building the Second (and further) Version Installers

Now that we’ve successfully built and saved a copy of our first version setup, we’re ready to make the changes to the product and setup project for building the second version.

1. Edit the text file on your Desktop created in step 1 of the previous section, and edit its contents so it looks like the screenshot below:

2. Save your changes to the text file, and rebuild your setup following the procedure in step 8 of the previous section. Remember to create another folder on your Desktop called Version Two, and again copy all built setup files into this folder, backing up the second version installer for use with future patches.

3. If necessary, make further changes to your product files and setup project (such as adding more files), and build further version installers as necessary. Just be sure to backup each built setup, so you can patch them later on.

Building the Patch

There are absolutely no additional steps required to build a patch, above and over the changes made to your product files and the new version installer. Follow the steps below to create your patch:

1. On the Design tab, in the Views group, click the Deploy button.

2. Under the Deployment heading, choose the Patches designer. Click the Add button in the Patches designer and add the file My Setup.exe from the Version One folder created earlier on your Desktop.

3. If there are other product versions to patch, add their installers from their backup folders as well. These saved old version installers are all InstallAware needs for creating a patch!

4. Click the Build Patch button. Once your patch has been built, click the Browse button to open Explorer inside the folder containing your patch file, My Setup.exe. This patch will successfully upgrade all referenced old versions to your latest version!

Congratulations! You have now built a patch for your software product using InstallAware. Install your first version install, open the text file to verify its contents; then install the patch and verify that your text file has been updated. Experiment with making more changes to your setup project, and let InstallAware take care of building more patches for you with a single click!

Deployment Scenarios

Patch Source Resolution

All Windows Installer patches require access to the old version product’s setup files. The setup files for the old version must be successfully identified (resolved) before any patches may be applied. This section describes how InstallAware patches handle this source resolution requirement.

Patch Source Resolution for Web Deployed Setups

Since web deployed setups always locally cache their setup files, patch source resolution for web deployed setups is automatic. No manual steps are required during patch source resolution. It is also possible to author web deployed setups such that they do not require an Internet connection at any time during installation; these advantages make web deployed setups ideal for patching in InstallAware.

Patch Source Resolution for CD or DVD Setups

If it is undesirable to cache setup sources locally, CD or DVD setups may also be used. When patching a CD or DVD setup, a dialog box will ask for the original setup files. At this stage, the end-user simply needs to insert the original installation media, and select the drive containing the setup sources. If a CD or DVD setup was not stored on a removable medium but resides on a hard drive folder, simply selecting that folder will again suffice during patch source resolution.

Patch Source Resolution for Single File Setups

A single file setup packs all setup files into a single self extracting file. This self extracting archive, when run, first expands all setup files into a temporary folder, and then initiates setup. When patching against these setups, therefore, it is not sufficient to point to the folder containing the single self extracting file. Instead, the self extracting file should be run, allowing it to complete to the stage of extracting its setup files to a temporary folder, and then that temporary folder should be chosen. Identifying this folder can be a little daunting for novice end-users, therefore single file setups are not recommended as patch targets; however if necessary it is still possible to patch single file setups.

A practical step by step method to locate the temporary folder where setup files are extracted into is as follows:

1. Click the Windows Start button, choose Run, and type in %temp% into the Open field. Then click OK.

2. Windows Explorer opens, displaying the contents of the user’s temporary folder.

3. Look for a folder that starts with the characters mia and ends with the characters .tmp, with some random numbers and letters in between. In the rare event that there are multiple folders fitting this pattern, simply try each folder until the patch installer accepts one of your choices (the patch installer will check to make sure valid sources are specified).

The main advantage of using a single file setup is to create a monolithic package that contains everything needed to install an application without requiring an Internet connection or a CD/DVD (and other types of removable media). It is possible to build web deployed setups which are still monolithic and do not require access to the Internet at any time during installation, so in cases where a monolithic single file setup is desired, the Web Deploy build mode can be preferred over the Single File build mode. Patch source resolution is automatic with all web deployed setups, and the output of a setup built using the Web Deploy build mode can still be a single physical file, as described in the following section.

Building Monolithic Web Deployed Setups

Since web deployed setups are the easiest base setups to patch against, it is desirable to use them when deploying your full version installers. In certain situations you may want to build setups which do not require an Internet connection at any time. InstallAware makes it easy to build monolithic web deployed setups that are fully self-contained so they always cache setup files, contain all setup data in a single setup file, and are easy for your end-users to patch against. To convert any existing setup to a monolithic web deployed setup, follow these steps:

1. Open your setup project in the InstallAware IDE, and choose the MSIcode tab to access the full sources of your installation.

2. Inside the MSIcode editor, choose the tab immediately to the right of the Welcome Page tab. For our hypothetical setup, this tab is called My Setup.

3. Notice the two drop-down combo boxes immediately above the MSIcode script. Select Web Media Blocks in the left combo box. Then expand the right combo box to display a list of all your Web Media Blocks (parts of your setup that are downloaded from the Internet at runtime).

4. Select a Web Media Block from the open combo box. The MSIcode editor positions the cursor at the exact location in the script where the Web Media Block is defined.

5. Right-click the highlighted Web Media Block line, and choose Comment Out/In. This comments out the Web Media Block definition, directing the InstallAware setup compiler to ignore this directive.

6. Repeat steps 4-5 until all Web Media Blocks in the MSIcode script have been commented out.

7. Press the Page Up key repeatedly until you are on top of the installation script.

8. Using the mouse, drag-drop the Web Media Block command from the MSIcode command palette (on the right of the MSIcode editor) to the top of your script. This inserts a new Web Media Block command into the MSIcode script.

9. The Define Web Media Block dialog box appears. Without making any changes in this dialog, simply click the OK button. This inserts a new line into your MSIcode script called [OFFLINE CONTENT]. This instructs the InstallAware setup compiler to include each file of your setup package directly inside the main setup.exe file, instead of an Internet location where they will be downloaded from at runtime.

Building your setup in the Web Deploy build mode will now create a monolithic web deployed setup, which does not require access to the Internet at any time during installation, providing the easiest targets to patch against thanks to automated patch source resolution.

Customizing Patches

Compiler Variables

InstallAware features Compiler Variables, which offer an easy way to build multiple setup files from a single setup project. Using Compiler Variables, which are similar to conditional directives found in most programming languages, you may conditionally include/exclude parts of the MSIcode script, and build different flavors of an existing setup, all based on a single setup project.

Built-In Compiler Variables

InstallAware provides various built-in Compiler Variables. For instance, the internal BUILDMODE Compiler Variable evaluates to PATCH when building patches in InstallAware. This makes it very easy to add additional logic to your MSIcode script, that is only compiled during a patch build (for instance, when clicking the Patch button in the Build group on the Project tab). Additional, custom Compiler Variables may be defined using the Project Options window (accessible by clicking the Project Settings button in the Manage group on the Project tab). Compiler Variable values can also be set from the command line when using the miabuild.exe command line build tool, for added convenience.

Conditional Compilation using Compiler Variables

Three MSIcode commands offer the possibility to test the values of Compiler Variables, and selectively include/exclude parts of the MSIcode script at build time. These commands are found on the Compiler Directives group of the MSIcode command palette (accessible on the MSIcode tab, to the right of the MSIcode editor):

* Compiler Variable If: Opens a new conditional compilation block. Simply drag-drop this command into your MSIcode script to create a new conditionally compiled block.

In the Variable field of this command, enter the Compiler Variable to test for. You may test for both built-in and custom Compiler Variables using this command. To start a new conditionally compiled block included only when building patches, enter BUILDMODE in this field. In the Comparison field, choose a type of comparison to perform. Accept the default comparison of Equals for testing patch builds. If you need to reverse the type of comparison, check the Reverse Comparison (If Not) check-box. In the Compare With field, enter the literal value to test the value of the Compiler Variable against. For patches, enter PATCH in this field.

* Compiler Variable Else: Branches a previously started conditional compilation block, such that if the immediately preceding Compiler Variable If test failed, the MSIcode commands following the Compiler Variable Else command are conditionally compiled.

* Compiler Variable End: Closes a conditional compilation block previously opened with a Compiler Variable If command. Each Compiler Variable If command must have a corresponding Compiler Variable End command.

You may freely nest multiple conditional compilation blocks as you see fit. You may also use any kind of MSIcode commands within your conditionally compiled blocks.

InstallAware internally uses Compiler Variables to make One-Click Patching possible. Most InstallAware templates (including the Basic Setup template used in this whitepaper) provide a properly constructed MSIcode script with all necessary Compiler Variable If/Else/End commands that provide effortless patch construction from the same setup project used for the main setup.

Using Compiler Variables in this way provides out-of-the-box One-Click Patching convenience for developers, while retaining developer flexibility and permitting additional customizations to patches being built based on a single setup project. You may freely customize any of the InstallAware templates to suit your requirements and embed any kind of business logic to your installations for patching, while avoiding the problems and overhead associated with having to create and maintain new, separate patch projects from scratch.

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