FileBound Software On-Demand Automated DMS Solution

FileBound software such as On-Demand document automation system helps you search, control and optimize your company’s critical documents such as scanned documents, emails, faxes and other electronic forms. The benefits are unlimited user licensing and full-featured DMS solution that will address most of your critical business needs. You can opt for hosted solution service or you can have it operated from within your IT infrastructure system. Some of the advantages using this software are the following:

First, your business needs are constantly being met because it is from a reputable hosting provider, which at predictable cost. You enjoy its unified solution, full functionality and scalability without incurring risk, complexity and high costs typically associated with document management system software. It is can be easily and quickly deployed with minimal risk. You thus get results immediately without the need for any major capital expenditures.

Second, it provides seamless installation and automatic upgrades without any maintenance hassles. It’s simple, intuitive online interface is easy to learn and use because every aspect of this FileBound software was designed for quick adaptability by end-users. You can thus streamline, configure or reengineer your business’ automated workflows and generate reports in managing information processes, systematization of auditing procedures and compliance with government regulations.

Third, your business processes becomes highly manageable because you have automated document management solution. You can have increased revenues and more profits as a result. When you subscribe to it, you will have access to their service provider’s backup, redundant infrastructure and technical support team. There is also regular automatic update to the latest version of the software. Hence, you get the ultimate certified document security, highest business standard security, best practices, and standard 3rd party vulnerability audit.

Fourth, FileBound software such as On-Demand tracks the location of all your boxes and paper files. You get records and audits of the check-ins and check-outs of all your DMS activities anytime. You can also notify users of any pending orders/requests and manage your files/requests offsite. Since it utilizes patented, route-controlled technology that transmits data over the most effective and efficient Internet routes, you can transmit and receive data at the time.

Fifth, you can retrieve any records by database queries that point to all the associated information for those records. You can also reproduce the information stored for any record via printers, fax, e-mail or DVD. You can also scan documents to make digital images and then index them using barcode recognition, data entry or optical character recognition (OCR). You can store and then retrieve any digital files seamlessly in your system folders. You can locate them via microfilm locations, scanned paper documents, paper locations and system-generated e-forms, which eliminate the cost of preprinted forms.

Sixth, FileBound software, such as On-Demand, is a secured, outsourced DMS solution for companies/businesses of any sizes and there are unlimited points of secured access. This is because it is co-located with the leading world provider of interconnection services and network neutral data centers; thus, its data center has also the highest level of power availability, infrastructure flexibility and physical security. Similarly, it is hosted in geo-strategic locations for easy access to all major ISPs. As such, it has direct access to major metropolitan areas with top-of-the-line performance over secured Web connections. All of its connectivity, systems and facilities are monitored 24/7/365 days each year.

FileBound Software On-Demand Automated DMS has all the advantages over its competitors because it has met the most rigorous and stringent standards as a technology solution provider.

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