Tips for avoiding computer viruses in your home PC

Those who have had to have a repair service in, such as The PC Hero in the Chicago area, only to discover that the computer issues they have been experiencing have been caused by a virus will all say that while dealing with the repair service has been easy and that the service did a fantastic job, they wish they had avoided the problem in the first place. In order to do so, there are several tips for avoiding computer viruses in your home PC out there.

The best tip one can get is to make sure to have a quality anti-virus program installed on the PC. A company like The PC Hero keeps up to date on the best and most effective programs and can recommend one and install it for clients. One should also inquire as to the best anti-spyware programs that are available. This is something that is needed in conjunction with the anti-virus software that is run on a PC. Furthermore, one should keep these two essential programs up to date, including always downloading updates as they become available in order to be protected from the new threats that emerge daily. For most users, running a daily scan is vital as it is the best way to ensure that any malware that has somehow slipped through the protection that has been set up can be detected and isolated for removal.

A computer user should never click on links of attachments that are included in emails no matter what the source. All of these should be run through an anti-virus scan. It is far wiser to open a new window and to manually navigate to a site rather than clicking on a link in an email, a message or on a social networking site. These are all prime areas where viruses are placed that can do damage to an operating system potentially infecting the rest of a network and even destroying or rendering totally inaccessible data that is stored in ones system.

Users need to be wary of giving personal information, including passwords and login names to those who are phishing or otherwise trying to be deceptive. One should never enter personal information into a page that he or she did not manually arrive at on his or her own. If a page pops up and makes an interesting offer, always check it out by going to the homepage of the supposed host company manually in a new window to determine whether or not an offer or the need for ones personal information is legitimate. Never respond with personal information to any unsolicited email or pop up.

Because it is often deceived by malware, the firewall included with Windows is alone not sufficient enough to offer full protection. One should always have installed a hardware based firewall that is never disabled and that users in the network are fully trained in how to use. This is something that a company like The PC Hero can help with that will be a great asset to either a home based or small to medium business computer network in terms of protection.

No matter how hard one tries there is always some chance that a virus will get into the system. Should this happen to any user, all he or she needs to do is call a company like The PC Hero, one that is competent, service oriented and capable of restoring a computer or network to working status as quickly as possible in order to keep clients wired and their networks and computing capabilities in working order.