Where To Go For Computer Repair Etobicoke

Looking for computer repair Etobicoke area users? There are several local shops willing to assist with hardware and software repairs, as well as IT consultations and programs. A-1 Electronic Parts has been in operation in Etobicoke for a total of thirty-three years, and specializes in hardware trade-ins and recycling. Items like monitors, spare electronic parts, computers, or amplifiers all qualify for A-1’s free pick-up service, in which a technician will come to your location to retrieve the trade-in items.

These and most other items are available for free pick-up from the location of any such hardware. On A-1’s website, a potential customer can find batteries, AC adapters, fans — in total, more than one hundred different types of hardware products being offered for sale or pick-up. If a customer is seeking a specific piece of hardware, there is a feature on the site just for that purpose: the keyword index. A-1 Electronic Parts can be found at 196 North Queen Street. They accept four major credit cards: American Express, Visa, MasterCard, and Interac. Customers can deal in US or Canadian dollars.

A business offering different types of computer services is The MV Group, named for Michael Veira. Veira, an IT technician, has worked in the field for thirteen years. The MV Group offers experience with dozens of types of hardware and software: Blackberry mobile devices, Apple laptops, printer repairs, LAN cabling, Windows, FTP, Microsoft Office, Apple OS, and much more. Veira’s website offers helpful links and PDF files, as well as contact options by phone, e-mail, and a website comment form. The MV Group is located at 58 Silver Shadow Path.

Greg Maguire is the founder of IT Guru, an Etobicoke business based around assisting small businesses with IT consulting, computer repair, networking, and software installation. Maguire insists that if IT Guru cannot help with the problem, they are willing to direct customers to someone who can. Though hardware and software repairs are a portion of IT Guru’s business, it seems that they are more heavily focused on IT consultations.

They offer knowledge on several computer peripherals, including monitors, routers, keyboards, hard drives, audio/video cards, speakers, and more. IT Guru can be contacted by phone in order to schedule appointment, in which they will work with you face-to-face in order to assess your needs. IT Guru is located on Judge Road in Etobicoke.

Micro Computer Consulting is another computer repair service near Etobicoke, located in Mississauga at 2065 Dundas Street. Micro specializes in coming to their clients to do on-site repairs and IT consulting. They also offer web services, including coding, programming, database design and development, flash and graphic design, and web hosting.

Aside from the building of websites, Micro also offers e-commerce solutions and CMS (content management services). CMS is a system that works with Micro’s website coding to make it easier for website owners to edit their own sites without the need for separate webmasters or coders to do the work. As far as IT services, Micro offers networking control and maintenance, server monitoring, data recovery, and security.

CMS is a service that takes away the need for an expensive webmaster or site coder, putting control in the hands of the actual site owner. Control and maintenance, server monitoring, data recovery, and security are just some of the IT services available at Micro Computer Consulting. The managed services program at Micro involves prevention of network problems and failures, as well as support costs at a lower cost thanks to a preferred customer rate. Micro Computer Consulting staff members are available for contact through an online contact form, or telephone, fax, and e-mail. Do not worry about computer repair Etobicoke, it is out there.